Get to Know the Modern Version of the Mountain Chalet

If your ideal home design gives the feeling of a cozy, welcoming haven, consider incorporating a “mountain chalet” design feel. While the rustic mountain chalet might seem like a thing of the past, you can bring it back to life in your home by evoking simplicity and austerity in your interiors. At TAB Associates, we’d like to call attention to some modern architectural projects that pull from the tradition of mountain homes of the past:

mountain chalet style
Source: TAB Associates
  • The Speculative Residence- Set in the mountains, this home is situated to take full advantage of the view. Going beyond the simple cabin style home, this reaches 5000 square feet.
  • TS Lot 42- taking some concepts of a more traditional mountain chalet home and expanding them, these townhomes are made from natural material to help them fit into their rustic environment.

Don’t be afraid to build out with your mountain chalet home, and include some more modern ideas like full glass walls. For more design ideas, follow our posts on Facebook.

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Trends In Architecture to Watch for In the Future

The world of architecture is constantly evolving, and keeping track of new developments helps you take the best out of the trends that come and go. What’s new for 2014? TAB Associates offers the following information on four architecture trends that are expected to become prominent as the year progresses.

TAB Associates Green Projects
Source: TAB Associates
  • Greater attention from the public regarding large-scale construction projects- Members of the public are increasingly likely to take an active role in managing and deciding on large scale building projects that have a strong impact on the urban landscape and local economy.
  • Off-the-grid on the urban scene– Although going “off-the-grid” used to be associated with living out of town, even urban dwellers are attempting to avoid a dependence on the grid for power.
  • De-emphasizing vehicle traffic– Across the country, more and more commuters try to get where they need to be via public transport.
  • Affordable low-rise and mid-rise housing– Instead of towering high-rise residential structures, urban dwellers increasingly prefer approachable, low/mid-rise housing.

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Take Care of the Environments by Building These Green Features Into Your Home

Building an environmentally-friendly home preserves nature, lowers your energy bills, and results in a happier, healthier home environment for you and your family. If you’re building a new home, it’s important to do your research about green building before you settle on plans. Follow these tips for a greener, more eco-friendly home.

Green Building in Colorado
Source: TAB Associates


  • Choose the right doors and windows. Those that allow warmth to escape are not very energy-efficient. Front doors without windows, especially when made with eco-friendly materials, are the most energy efficient choice. Also, make sure you choose Energy Star certified windows.
  • Pay close attention to your siding choices. Some siding materials like PVC vinyl release toxins and are not biodegradable. Stucco and wood are greener choices, and aluminum siding is also quite green.
  • Consider using renewable energy sources to heat and cool your home. This can include installing solar panels, which capture the sun’s energy and convert it to heat. If solar panels are not an option, heat with natural gas. It’s not renewable, but there are very efficient natural gas heaters available.

If you’re thinking of building a new home, contact TAB Associates to discuss your plans and find out how we make green home design easier.

Don’t Neglect to Add These Luxury Home Features to Your Dream House

Are you interested in designing a home that offers all of the amenities of your favorite day spa or retreat? You can by incorporating luxury home features into your new residence. Check out the features below that you and your guests will enjoy:

design elements for entertaining
Source: TAB Associates Inc.
  • Floor to ceiling windows. Floor to ceiling windows are not only beautiful, they also offer a variety of benefits including natural sunlight. Because floor to ceiling windows let in natural light, they reduce the need to use electricity.
  • Roof deck. Beyond a patio and a balcony, luxury home features now extend to the top of a home. A roof deck is the perfect place to entertain your guests and enjoy a view of the mountains or skyline.
  • Wine Room. Create a room to store wine that you’ve collected from around the world. Develop a custom wine room suited to store wine in its ideal environment.
  • Terrace. Enjoy a place of solace all to yourself in the form of a terrace. Whether it’s a place to read, connect with nature through gardening, or work out and stretch, a terrace makes an ideal retreat.

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Building a Home? Why You Should Consider a Timber Structure

When having a home built, you have plenty of materials to choose from. If you’re looking for something that has a lot of aesthetic appeal and provides numerous benefits, timber is a great choice.

Building a home with Timber
Source: TAB Associates

Timber offers the following advantages when it comes to building design:

  • It saves energy. Unlike other building materials, such as glass or steel, wood provides a lot of insulation that helps keep in warm and cool air, which means you’ll have lower energy bills.
  • It’s eco-friendly. Wood might not seem like an environmentally-friendly choice if you’re picturing part of a forest being cut down to provide the timber for your home. However, there are several sustainable sources of timber available that don’t contribute to deforestation. Also, a wooden home lowers your carbon footprint because the timber absorbs carbon dioxide.
  • It’s more cost-effective and quicker to build with. Wooden homes can be constructed in a much shorter amount of time than homes made from concrete or other materials. This saves you a considerable amount of money on the cost of labor and the cost of materials.

Check out our portfolio if you are interested in seeing examples of homes made from timberContact us at TAB Associates to start your new home build today!

Keys to Designing a Small Bathroom

A small bathroom space can be challenging. There are a variety of ways to make your small space seem bigger.

designing around a small bathroom

When it comes to small bathroom designs windows are an option, if your willing to use heavily frosted glass. However, if your bathroom is located on the top floor, you should look into having a skylight installed. The skylight provides you with natural light and creates the illusion of space.  If the skylight is operable, even better.  This is the best way to get rid of shower mist.  If it faces south it is a great way to  get some free heat from direct solar gain.  This is especially beneficial during the winter months; otherwise, it may need a shade on it.

If a skylight isn’t an option, you should consider the possibility of having a coffered/tray ceiling placed over the space. This type of ceiling makes the room feel bigger and helps with air flow, if the tray is vented to the attic.

When working with small bathroom designs, resist the impulse to place the bathroom sink right in the middle of your counter space. By utilizing a corner sink, the bathroom will feel less cramped and more counter space will be created. The best sinks will be ones that have deep basin and plenty of under cabinet storage.

When it comes to tiling the tub/shower space, glass tile is your best choice. These tiles make the space look bigger and brighter than it actually is.

Contact us for information and ideas about how to design a small bathroom for your living quarters.

TAB Spotlight: The Catlin Residence

One of the projects that we here at TAB Associates have completed with pride is the Catlin Residence in Bachelor Gulch. Situated on a ski-in, ski-out lot, the 10,000 square foot house has breathtaking views of the mountains.

mountain home builder
Source: TAB Associates’ Official Website

With eight bedrooms, eight full baths, two half-baths, there are plenty of spaces in this open floor plan to enjoy, yet still maintain privacy throughout. The exterior features a heated in-ground pool and spa, fire pit, and water feature, and gas heat from overhead on most decks allows for outdoor activities in cool weather.

The interior boasts a wine room, hearth room, ski room in addition to the standard rooms in homes. The family room hosts a built-in bar, pool table, and large sitting area. Because of the open floor plan, it’s an ideal place for entertaining guests.

Unlike many homes in Bachelor Gulch which house the Master Bed suite on the Main Level, the Catlin Residence has its Master Suite including Master Living, Master Kitchen and Master Study in the Penthouse location with commanding views of the Gore Range and Beaver Creek Ski Mountain.  In this way, the couple has every thing they need on their own level of the home up and away from the rest of this spectacular home.

The Catlin Residence is just one of our many home construction projects that demonstrates presenting what our clients want in an aesthetically pleasing manner, and helping to make each residence a dream home come true.


If this residence interests you, and you would like to learn more about TAB Associates, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Vail Neighborhood Spotlight: Beaver Creek

Vail Neighborhood Spotlight: Beaver Creek
Beaver Creek is a gated resort in the Vail that offers residents a safe place to call home.

Choosing from the many Vail neighborhoods can be a difficult task for anyone new to the area. However, we believe there’s no place that is quite like Beaver Creek. It’s one of the area’s favorite communities and a site to be seen by all visiting the Vail.

The motto for Beaver Creek is, ‘Not Quite Roughing It,’ and it’s exactly that. The area is host to a variety of year-round activities, from mountain hiking in the summer to skiing in winter. Perhaps the most appealing to new residents is the fact that this gated community allows for children to run around unimpeded in the fresh air and sunshine. Or, perhaps it’s the beautifully designed properties and homes that dot the landscape.

Beaver Creek is a resort, not just for tourists, but for residents, and even a brief visit to the Ritz-Carlton or Park Hyatt makes it easy to see why.

If you’ve been considering a home in Beaver Creek, TAB Associates can custom-design it for you. From luxury homes in Beaver Creek, or any of the other Vail neighborhoods, we will work hard to bring you exactly what you want.

Image courtesy of TAB Associates

TAB Additions & Renovations: Eagle River Presbyterian Church

Vail architects provide a variety of services to clients, from complete designs to renovations on residential and commercial property. Another part of the field that Vail architects have entered is working with organizations, providing construction, labor and materials that are in need for repairs, remodeling, or renovations.

TAB Additions & Renovations: Eagle River Presbyterian Church
Vail architects are ready to take on any task, from planning a new home to renovating an older property. Source: USACE

A successful project involved the Eagle River Presbyterian Church. Renovations and additions were provided through the efforts of TAB Associates, Inc.

The construction and upgrades provided by TAB were designed to increase floorspace and update specific church areas. Changes included expanding the sanctuary, upgrading classrooms and office space and designing a new fellowship hall to include a larger kitchen. The fellowship hall and sanctuary have views of the Eagle River from the newly installed patio.

The addition of 11,000 square feet allows the church to expand and welcome new church members, provide additional room for Sunday services, and allows them to be available to serve as a venue for events such as weddings, christenings and group meetings. The Eagle River Presbyterian Church also serves as an office and home for Habitat for Humanity for Eagle County.

With foresight, vision and the client’s specific wants, needs and goals always in sight, TAB Associates, Inc. leads the way in design services that produce positive results for its clients and the community.

Vail Interior Designer Spotlight: Tracie Schumacher at Studio 80

Vail Interior Designer Spotlight: Tracie Schumacher at Studio 80
The right interior designer like Tracie Schumacher is an essential ingredient in designing the perfect home or property.

Vail interior designers are worth their weight in gold when it comes to putting a client’s vision into reality. One such Vail designer is Tracie Schumacher. With a team of talented designers with more than 50 years of experience collectively, Schumacher leads the Studio 80 team to the final goal of bringing a clients vision to fruition.

With a collaborative working environment that includes Architects, other design firms and contractors for private, residential and commercial projects, the end result by Studio 80 ensures the client is satisfied on all levels.

From renovations to luxury accommodations, Schumacher and company take on the task from start to finish providing project management, interior architecture and structural styling for specific designs such as fireplaces, custom designed furnishings as well as non-fixed furnishings.

Through visual presentations, clients see the project in progress through sketches and drawings that emphasize the lay out, space planning, special features, furniture placement and the overall style of the project. With clients as part of the team, it encourages a successful project will be achieved.

One of Schumacher’s latest projects is working with architectural firm, TAB Associates, Inc. ,on the Chen 3 Timber Springs project that focuses on open spaces and positive utilization of square footage to the maximum.