In Balance With the Environment: Green Homes

In Balance With the Environment: Green Homes

In practicing architectural balance in Vail Valley and in Western North Carolina, a big consideration is always striking the perfect balance of fully incorporating the natural beauty of the landscape and exterior spaces with the design of the interior. Balancing nature with our homes can also extend beyond design as more and more people are embracing green homes. Choosing to go green with your home can mean many things, but let’s look at a few trends that we’ve been seeing.

Smart Homes for Energy Efficiency

Smart homes have become all the rage. They give us the opportunity to manage and monitor our homes like never before. Interestingly, the advantages aren’t just based on the convenience of being able to control our homes with an app on our phone. By being able to better regulate thermostats and lights, it’s much easier to maximize energy efficiency. There are many opportunities to introduce smart appliances into your home at any time, but while building it is worth considering linking the HVAC or heating systems to Wi-Fi.

Solar Panels

Solar panels don’t just provide an alternative to carbon-based fuel for our heating and electricity, they can give a homeowner energy independence from the grid! Many people imagine solar panels to be a compromise to a home’s design; clunky panels that are plunked down regardless of what the chosen architectural style. Now that’s no longer the case, and solar panels can be carefully incorporated into the design, adding to the architecture balance.

Window Walls

In the past, sustainable building meant using small windows. Now those who want to live in green homes can enjoy entire walls of windows with improvements to glazing and insulation.

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How to Add Character to the Exterior of Your Home

How to Add Character to the Exterior of Your Home

Many people tend to focus on interior features when thinking about their renovation project, but the exterior of your home shouldn’t be neglected! If you want a home that stands out, personalizing the exterior can be a great way to differentiate it from other homes in the area! Here are a few of the ways you can add style and your own unique touch to the outside of your home.

Create a Patio or Courtyard

One of the ways that you can add character to the exterior of your home is by creating a patio or courtyard in front of your home. Not only will this give your home a unique look, but it will provide you with an area to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine! Your home will have added character as well as new functionality.

Dress Up or Change Out Your Garage Door

If your garage sits in front of your home, your garage door is something that you and passersby by will notice. While many people have plain white garage doors, there is no reason you cannot make changes to your garage door or replace it to make it more appealing and eye-catching. Consider using a faux wood door, painting your door, or adding carriage garage door hardware to really make your door stand out and positively accent the rest of your home.

Add Dormer Windows

Adding dormer windows can alter the exterior appearance of your home. Dormer windows can be added to help break up the appearance of a large and plain roof, as part of a build-out addition on your home or to help add more natural light to your home.

Are you looking for an architectural firm to help add character and style to the exterior of your home? Then turn to us here at Tab and Associates. We provide planning services, architecture services, and interior design services. Call us now to get started!

Light Wood vs Dark Wood in Your Home

Light wood, dark wood or somewhere in between — which is best for your home? The answer really depends on the character you’re trying to achieve in your space. Here’s a look at a few factors to consider as you make your decision.

Lighter Wood

Light wood is a good choice if you really want the detail of the wood to call attention to itself. It’s easier to see the grain of light wood, and thus it often looks more natural.

You’ll want to choose light wood if your room does not have a lot of windows to let natural light shine in, since it opens up the space. You can use dark colors as accents without creating a dungeon-like effect.

Dark Wood

Only use dark wood in rooms that get plenty of natural light. Ensure you pair it with light-colored walls so the room doesn’t feel too closed-off.

Dark wood is often used in conjunction with pale cream cabinets in a kitchen, or with white walls in a living or dining room.

For help choosing the perfect wood for your home design, contact the experts at TAB Architects to begin discussing your project.

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Home Renovation Tips By TAB Associates

These tips will help guide you in the right direction for your home's construction.
These tips will help guide you in the right direction for your home’s construction.

Whether you’re making just a couple of changes or entirely gutting your home, remodeling requires a lot of careful planning and decisions. These home renovation tips will help guide you in the right direction.

  • If you don’t have a lot of experience with a certain aspect of your renovation, such as installing tile or carpeting, hire someone who does. It will cost less to hire someone than it will to make a mistake and have to re-do the entire project.
  • Ensure that your home, one remodeled, does not stand out from the other homes on the block too much. It’s okay to be a touch unique, but you also don’t want to build a mansion in a neighborhood of cape cods.
  • Choose elements that are always in style, rather than the trendiest decor. Doing so will ensure your home doesn’t look outdated when you eventually sell it.
  • Remodel your existing spaces before adding new one, and before finishing unfinished rooms, such as the basement.
  • Use high-quality materials, or you’ll find that you need to remodel again soon.

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Add A Touch of Elegance to Your Home With Wooden Ceilings

Much of wood's appeal lies in the rich colors and patterns laid out upon their surfaces, which makes the building material beautiful but not ostentatious.
Much of wood’s appeal lies in the rich colors and patterns laid out upon their surfaces, which makes the building material beautiful but not ostentatious.

In this as in other matters, you can choose out of a number of building materials when it comes to the ceiling of your home. However, if you are interested in something that is both beautiful and elegant without being impractical, there are few choices as good as wooden ceilings.

  • Much of wood’s appeal lies in the rich colors and patterns laid out upon their surfaces, which makes the building material beautiful but not ostentatious. At the same time, wood lends warmth to the room, which is perfect if you are searching for something to sooth the senses.
  • Of course, it is also important to mention that wood is versatile, meaning that not all wooden ceilings have to consist of planks lined up in a row. For example, if you are interested in something more luxurious, then you may be interested in a wooden ceiling with carved details. Alternatively, if you use reclaimed wood, their weathered surfaces can contribute to the creation of a cozier and more comfortable atmosphere.
  • When it comes to wooden ceilings, the possibilities are truly limitless.  Realize that a wooden ceiling will psychologically lower the ceiling height due to its darker than most drywall color and make the room feel more intimate.

To learn more about the benefits of wooden ceilings in custom home design, please contact us at The Architectural Balance.

Plans to Build Your Own Home? Follow These Tips to Get Started

If you want to live in a home that fits your dreams and expectations in every way, then building your own home is a great choice. However, the process can be difficult if you don’t approach it in the right way. Follow these tips to build your own home successfully.

3D home rendering
Source: TAB Associates
  • Pick the right land. Consider the school district, access to public spaces, the community, neighbors… anything you’d consider if moving into an existing home. You’ll also need to look at grading and topology to make sure it will work with the style of home you wish to build.
  • Hire an excellent builder. Get plenty of references, and get a few estimates before choosing someone. You need a builder who is easy to work with, and who is clear about what’s included in their services and what is not. Make sure your builder is licensed.
  • Have your plans drawn up by an architect. Even if you choose stock plans rather than custom plans, you’ll know that everything is properly laid out. Choose an architect with plenty of experience designing residential structures.

To discuss your custom home plans and start building your dream home, contact the architects at TAB Associates, Inc.

Ideas for Building in the Charming Rustic Cabin Style

Rustic cabins are quaint, charming, and homey. If you’re thinking of having your own cabin built, either as a retreat or a primary home, keep these ideas in mind as you plan your floor plan and architectural design:

cabin style decor
Source: TAB Associates
  • Open lofts are the perfect complement to a rustic cabin home. You can use your loft as an extra bedroom, a relaxing library, or even a TV room.
  • While wood is the traditional choice for cabins, remember that you can work stone into your design. A beautiful stone chimney can make your cabin seem even cozier.
  • Cabins are places for families to spend time together. An open floor plan makes this easier, promoting conversation and interaction.
  • You’ll want to spend plenty of time relaxing outside when you’re at your cabin for a retreat. A spacious, wrap-around porch makes this possible.
  • Incorporate plenty of rustic wood into your interior to maintain the cabin-look indoors.
  • No cabin is complete without a beautiful mantle to display family heirlooms and treasures. Rustic brick and stone are great materials for your fireplace and mantel.

If you’re interested in building a cabin style home, contact TAB Associates, Inc. to learn more about our architectural services.


Ideas for Adding a Luxury Pool to Your Dream Home

A luxury swimming pool is an important feature of many people’s dream home. If you are adding an outdoor pool to your home, you have a lot of different pool design options to choose from, and many options contribute additional luxury to your home’s exterior. Our clients at TAB Associates can consider the following suggestions to find the right luxury swimming pool solutions for their homes:

luxury pool design
Source: TAB Associates
  • Working a pool in with landscaping– If you add landscaping to your yard when you have your pool put in, you can create an entire outdoor space that caters to the needs of your home’s residents and guests.
  • A pool and pergola– A patio surrounded by a pergola is an elegant place that can allow for relaxation after a swim.
  • Add a fountain– Water features such as fountains and waterfalls are great additions to a yard that complement a swimming pool.

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Tips for Designing the Perfect Luxury Master Bedroom

Those planning to give their bedrooms some new luxury master bedroom features might be interested in some ideas from TAB Associates. The following are just a few ways that you can add some luxury to your bedroom and give your bedroom an attractive new look:

luxury bathroom design
Source: TAB Associates
  • Regional flavor- Depending on where you live, you might find inspiration for bedroom decor in the style of your region. For example, a Southwest decor scheme could feature an adobe appearance, exposed wood beams, and arched windows.
  • Consider skylights- Lighting features have a significant influence over the look and mood of a room, and incorporating some unique or original lighting methods can add to a bedroom’s visual appeal. Skylights on a sloped ceiling are an interesting way to cast your room in a creative light.
  • Minimal furnishings- According to the 20th century architect Mies van der Rohe, “less is more”. You might find your bedroom to be more comfortable if you cut back on superfluous furniture pieces and decor accessories to allow for more open space and simplicity.

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Popular Building Materials for Luxury Homes

Homes can be made from hundreds of different materials, but some are certainly more popular in certain kinds of architecture than others. These luxury building materials are popular choices in our mountain homes and vacation dwellings.

luxury home building materials
Source: TAB Associates

Timber gives homes a very natural look, especially when it is roughly hewn. We love timber for country-style homes with views of the mountains. It fits right in and almost makes you feel like you are stepping back in time.

Lime and gypsum are commonly used to build luxury homes. These natural materials are used to construct masonry, and although the can carry a hefty price tag, they look very sophisticated in a luxury home.

High-alumina cement is an extremely strong type of cement that stands up better to wear and tear than most standard cements. This makes it a common choice for luxury homes, especially in areas where homes must be able to withstand harsh weather.

At TAB Associates, we make homes and buildings in a wide array of styles using a range of materials. If you’re interested in using a material in your home that you don’t see on this list, contact us directly to discuss your project’s needs.