Establishing the Perfect Indoor Lighting for Your Home

Architects in Vail Valley and Western North Carolina know that lighting should complement the interior of the home and its overall design. However, the task of providing adequate illumination for task fulfillment while maintaining ambient mood lighting is a task best left to the professionals. With a keen sense of scale and size, the experts offer these tips for establishing lighting that truly defines the space and brings balance to the setting.

Designing Each Room with Lighting in Mind

Your Vail Valley, Colorado and Western North Carolina architectural firm is likely to sit down with you for a discussion about your lifestyle and day-to-day needs. This helps them ideate each room with your vision in mind while making sure the lighting is adequate.

For relaxing zones like a living room one might choose adjustable lighting or multiple sources to suit any situation while opting for skylights that bring natural brilliance in during the daytime. Spreading the light around makes the difference, so make the light count!

Let the Focal Points Shine

Homeowners who want to draw guests’ eye to certain focal points in the home should talk to their home design team about establishing lighting to achieve the final goal. In a living room or hallway, picture display lights on walls, drop down pendants or angled recessed lighting can put just the right light on every situation. Special art lighting can illuminate the art and nothing else, visually popping it off the wall.

Customize Lighting Controls

Thanks to the innovations amid technology, we have more control than ever before over what is happening in our homes—even when we aren’t there. Dimmers, motion detectors and other settings for lights can be customized to activate when you want them to via an app if you invest in ‘smart’ lighting. These often connect to the home’s security system, so integration during construction is ideal, and that’s a task your Vail Valley and Western North Carolina architects will be happy to include in the design plans!

Let the Experts Ensure Lighting Success

When you have the professionals at Vail Valley and Western North Carolina architects at TAB Associates on your design team, you’ll always have a clear vision of where your construction project is headed. Reach out to us today for more information!