How To Prepare For A Remodeling Project

BlueprintThere are many reasons to remodel a home. You may want to remodel your home to add value to it, because you want to rearrange the space due to family changes or because you want to grab a higher market price if you are selling. Architects, such as TAB Associates, will help you plan your remodeling project. However, you still need to do some pre-planning for yourself.


Pick a time that will be the least “destructive” to your lifestyle. For example, if you have children, you might want to schedule the remodel while the kids are in school and not on summer vacation. And, if you have family events or a vacation scheduled, you will most likely want to be nearby without interruptions – so schedule the remodel around your family time.


Your lifestyle is going to have to change during the remodel, especially if you are remodeling a kitchen. Prepare for the following:

  • You won’t be able to use the stove; and the fridge will be moved to another room if you are remodeling the kitchen. Choose a time where it’s convenient to use an outside grill to cook, or you’ll be relegated to using the microwave or eating out.
  • Make sure pets are safe. Either crate them or relocate them while the team is at your house to reduce chances of escape. Remember that tools will make the pets curious and they could get hurt. Smaller pets are harder to see and may be stepped on if they get under foot.
  • Remodeling is a dusty job. Although crews sheet off the areas they are working, dust will still get in other rooms. Cover furniture with sheets and remove pictures from the walls. Clean out any cabinets that are not part of the remodel. And, make sure you have a clear path to other parts of the house including the bathroom and basement.

Contact TAB Associates

Once you have picked the best time to have a remodel completed, contact an architect such as TAB Associates to discuss your design ideas!