3 Interior Upgrades That Make a Big Impression

Now that you’re spending more time at home, it makes sense to make your home as beautiful as possible. It’s also just nice to make areas of your home “pop” with freshness. No matter what the reason, here are some interior upgrade ideas from your friends at TAB Associates that will make the rooms in your home feel special and new.

1. Create an Accent Wall

An accent wall is just one wall in a room that is unique from the other three walls. You make an accent wall by decorating it in a different style. You can accomplish this by painting it a different color, applying wallpaper or by doing things like hanging a collection of wall art or an assortment of small, decorative shelving. Just a small touch like this is easy to accomplish in one day but makes a big impression.

2. Frame a Fireplace

Your fireplace is probably a central location for your family, where everyone gathers for conversation and entertainment. Why not make it a hub for fun by framing it with matching shelving on each side? Your shelves could reach from the floor to the mantle or all the way to the ceiling. To hide clutter, consider installing shelving that has cupboards on the bottom half. This is where you could store board games and other toys for youngsters. Display attractive books and framed pictures on upper shelves.

3. Install Custom Cabinetry

At TAB Associates, we’re always excited to help with your interior design projects. Whether it’s designing and installing custom cabinetry or revamping the cabinetry you already have. Custom cabinetry ensures that you are able to get the most storage space out of every inch of your home. Custom cabinetry can fit any area of your home where you need it, including beneath stairs, over washer and dryer units, etc.

When you’re ready to add interior upgrades or incorporate new ideas into your home, contact TAB Associates for inspiration and help.