The Elements of a Good Mudroom

The Elements of a Good Mudroom
Source: TAB Associates Inc.

A big part of good home design is knowing what elements go into each room. There are quite a few considerations for mudroom design — which is often one of the most neglected rooms in the home and needed in almost every Colorado home.

Here are three of the biggest “dos” for designing a mudroom:

  • Ensure the room is what you need for your lifestyle. If you have pets and children, that will change the room’s function based on their activities and routines. If it’s just a two-person home, the mudroom will take a completely different shape.
  • Give your area plenty of room to come in and settle down. It doesn’t have to be a sprawling room, but there should be enough space for maneuvering comfortably.
  • Keep storage space in mind. Coats, boots, backpacks, rucksacks, umbrellas, outdoor and sporting equipment all need a place to go neatly once you arrive home.  This means the proper closet space that possibly includes cubbies or built-in cabinets.  Make sure you have room for yourself and your belongings so the area won’t look cluttered.

Save your floors and entryways with an excellent mudroom design, and use these ideas to help you get started on placing this crucial home element into your residence.

If you’re looking to add a mudroom, contact us at TAB Associates and we will be sure to answer any questions you have about a new addition to your home!

Advantages of Building Your New Home

Advantages of Building Your New Home
Building your own home gives you control of the project’s look and functionality. Source: TAB

When it comes to the choice of a resale, or building a new home, there are many benefits that come along with building a home to your liking. Although resale has its conveniences, nothing is quite like having a dream home built just for you and your family.

Here are the advantages of building a new home over a resale:

  • Customization. You can build a dream home with things the way you want them, rather than try to find a pre-made home that fits your needs and wants.
  • Lower maintenance. New homes, custom built, are designed with materials and engineering designs that need far less maintenance than you might find with a resale. This can be from not having to paint an exterior, to ensuring the roofing is done with low-maintenance in mind.
  • Avoid resale repairs. Having a newly built house will help you avoid potentially costly repairs over having an older home.

When you consider the benefits of building a home from the ground up, one must often weigh whether or not to purchase a resale. Get what you want from your property, and build your dream home with the help from TAB Associates, Inc.


Moving the Master Suite to the Attic

Moving the Master Suite to the Attic
Proper planning and the right architect can make the right attic livable. Source: TAB Associates

When you have the luxury of an attic with ample floor space and workable ceilings, it opens up numerous options on how the space can be converted from storage space to a livable environment. With the help of an experienced architect, redesigning your attic can not only add more floor space to your home; it also increases its market value.

The ideas for attic conversions are many. Just a few examples include adding a mini apartment for a college student, a spare bedroom for guests, an at home office, an in-law suite or a craft, hobby or sewing room. Part of the fun is in planning and designing the layout then watching as the attic takes on a life of its own.

Another option for homeowners is to turn the unused space of the attic into a gorgeous master suite. With careful planning, the attic can be turned into an oasis of privacy in the treetops. Utilizing every inch of space, adding a dormer, skylights or large windows, even a small patio, can turn your attic into a luxury suite.

TAB Associates has provided its expert services in planning and interior professional design to commercial and residential customers for over 30 years.


Home Additions That Pay Off the Most

Home Additions That Pay Off the Most
Source: TAB Associates

There are many different ways to add value to your home, but sometimes, it’s hard to sort through just which home additions will add the most equity. If you’re sorting through your options, here are a few pieces of advice from the experts on which improvements will pay off the most:

  • The kitchen may be the easiest room in the house to upgrade in terms of new appliances, wallpaper, paint, and flooring, and it pays off a great deal. Most people consider the kitchen to be the life of the house, so it’s a perfect place to start upgrading.
  • New additions are also a great value to include. That can be anything from converting the basement into a rec room, to building a new den. An extra bathroom, done well and completely, can just about pay for itself.
  • A brand new deck not only adds square footage to your home. It also adds an extra area that many people can enjoy, and it adds a great deal of value to your home.

Choose the ways to add value to your home that are the most cost-effective and painless, and reap the benefits of a good payoff when you’re ready to sell your property.

What to Consider Before Finishing Your Attic or Basement

Appleby Bachelor Gulch Residence
TAB can guide your project if you’re thinking of finishing a basement.

Many households are experiencing a growth in the family unit with parents or grown children moving in. While this is a great way to combine incomes and save money, for many homes, there just isn’t enough room.

To eliminate the shortage of floor space, finishing your attic or basement is the next step to adding the space you need. Before taking on the project, there are several key areas to consider.

  • Assess the home and determine if an attic or basement remodeling project is possible.
  • Contact local authorities about building codes for your area, and research which permits will be necessary.
  • Consult with a professional architect who can guide you through the planning process.
  • Ensure whichever location you plan to redo has sufficient light and space. The addition of a dormer addresses the issue of small attics.
  • Support to the flooring is vital for attic remodeling. This is an area where the architect will know exactly what to do.
  • Attics and basements need to have adequate heating and cooling systems.
  • Address moisture issues that come with basements.
  • Don’t forget to include an emergency exit for safety.
  • Whenever you’re mapping the floor plane, utilize every inch of space.

TAB Associates has been serving customers for over 30 years in the design, development, construction and remodeling of homes to suit individual needs. So, contact us today if you have any design or architecture needs.

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Architecture Should Reflect the Client

Architecture Should Reflect the Client
An architect should assist in bringing your vision to life, not the other way around. Source: TAB Associates

When it comes to learning how to choose an architect, there are a lot of different factors that can come into the process. But, before it gets overwhelming, there are a few basic principles to keep in mind that can serve as guidelines.

  • Choose someone who will listen. A sign of a good architect is a listener who will do what you like, without their own ego getting in the way. They can help realize your dreams, not the other way around.
  • Your architecture should reflect you — whether it’s a residence or business. A good architect understands that.
  • Find an architect who is as passionate about your individuality, as you are, and who can help you build your structure in a cooperative manner.

These tips on how to choose an architect can help you get the right designer for your dream home. At TAB Associates, we believe that the architect must set aside his or her ego in order to give our clients exactly the home they want. Remember, above all, you are the one who will live in that home and you should get exactly what you choose.