How to Use Negative Space to Transform Your Home Decor

living space with decor

Does your home feel too cluttered, busy or otherwise weighed down? Perhaps the issue is a lack of negative space, which can be rectified with the right interior elements and working with Vail Valley and Western North Carolina architects! Here’s a look at how you can update your home by effectively using negative space ― defined as the space around objects ― to bring balance to your home.

Invite Imperfection

We want our homes to appear lived-in and comfortable, not sterile or “too perfect”. Even though symmetry is appealing to the eye, placing a mirror, artwork or other decorative objects off to one side, rather than perfectly centered, can give your room a bit of character. Just a touch of negative space can produce this effect, giving your home an inviting look and creative flair.

Harmonize Awkward Spaces

An architectural space that is awkward, such as space beneath a staircase, can be beautifully transformed by leaving the area empty and simply adding the right lighting or paint color ― rather than filling it with furniture or decorative objects. You can achieve an artistic look this way without much effort.

Create Balance

Let pieces of furniture or artwork be the focal point in your room without overwhelming the space with items such as lamps ― that is unless the fixture or other object is perfect for creating a balanced look. This design strategy doesn’t require a simple, pared-down decor scheme, unless that is your aim. You can decorate with the style of your choice, whether shabby chic, mid-century modern or traditional, and still enhance your decor by keeping clutter to a minimum and introducing ample negative space.

A home that looks harmonious invites comfort and relaxation. At TAB Associates, an architectural firm in Vail Valley and in the mountains of Western North Carolina, we have the experience and expertise to help you create the interior space you crave. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a consultation today!

4 Things to Keep In Mind When Building A New Home

Building a new home is no doubt an exciting experience and certainly, one of the biggest investments of your life. It’s normal for any homeowner to get overwhelmed with thoughts and decisions aiming for a home of your dreams.

When you want to enjoy the adventure of building your dream home by making smart and focused decisions, be sure to consider these mentioned things before you meet a builder.

Consider your number

Your budget should be foremost in your mind before you start building a home for you and your family. Running numbers beforehand helps you determine whether it fits into your budget or not. The numbers normally include construction costs, funds for a down payment, tax benefits, and other similar calculations. Once you’re done, purchase a house lot and head straight to your bank to make some financial arrangements.

Trust only reputed Architect

No matter where you reside, the list of nearby Architects is never short. Do a little research to know which architects have the best reputation. Consider gathering information online or seek recommendations from family and friends. Only a reputed and experienced architecture company  can provide you with desired architecture designs and interior designs, without compromising quality and punctuality.  Check with the local builders on whom they suggest you work with when designing your new home.  They have an insight to the quality of drawings which translate to ease of build and controlled costs.

Keep resale value in mind

Though you may not have plans in the future to move to another house, you must consider your dream house’s potential resale value while building it. Make sure not to make upgrades that will overprice your house for the neighborhood and avoid choosing something that looks too ordinary. No doubt, features you are planning to add are likely to appeal to your guests or future buyers.

Think green

An advantage of considering a reputed architecture company is that they will help maximize energy-efficiency with custom design plans. Window walls, for instance, allow you to enjoy your natural surroundings and scenic outdoor landscape. They might even introduce you to smart and energy-efficient appliances like HVAC systems at the time of building to achieve comfort and convenience in your dream home.

Always remember, only you and your family know what is best for your new home. For professional suggestions, choose TAB Associates, reputed architects in Vail Valley and Western North Carolina, known for the best custom house plans and interior designs!