TAB Associates – Creating Beauty Through Architectural Balance

Balance is found throughout much of nature, where the yin and yang of ecosystems, ebbs and flows of water, and symmetry of plants all create and enhance beauty. In architecture, balance also plays an important role in creating beautiful structures. This is the core philosophy on which the philosophy of architectural balance is developed.

Creating Balance Within Structures

Architectural balance is a design philosophy that focuses on maintaining equilibrium across a structure. This may be symmetry in some cases, with certain phases in architectural history certainly prioritizing symmetry. Balance doesn’t necessarily have to be symmetrical, however.

For example, a maple leaf in nature is beautiful in part because it is symmetrical. A brook that meanders down through passages in rock and dirt can also be beautiful, even though such a brook is virtually never perfectly symmetrical. Its twists and turns create balance rather than symmetry.

Similarly, structures with perfectly symmetrical facades may look nice — but so too can something with different elements that are situated to create overall balance. Doors, windows, porches and entryways don’t have to be exactly the same.

Lending Freedom to Architectural Expression

This type of architectural philosophy is effective in two distinct ways.

First, balance allows architects and building designers more freedom of expression within a building’s design. When elements don’t have to be exactly identical, there are more ways to orient a structure’s design.

Second, balance also helps ensure all elements of a building’s design are noticed. When no one side overpowers the other, the entire ensemble of architectural elements can be appreciated.

Design a Building with Balance

At TAB Associates, we’re a Vail Valley and Western North Carolina architectural firm that specializes in this type of design. For help creating a beautiful building or structure that showcases balance, contact us to discuss your project!

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