Tips to Updating Your Kitchen Countertops

The countertops take up a lot of visual space in your kitchen. Additionally, they take a decent amount of abuse considering the how often you probably use them. This means that if you’ve had your kitchen countertops for more than a few years and they are looking outdated or beginning to show signs of wear, you may want to update them. The following are a few ideas for updating your countertops:

  • Granite – Granite is a beautiful option that gives the kitchen a natural look. It’s also very durable and is resistant to both scratches and heat, not to mention easy to clean – both of which are an advantage for the kitchen space!
  • Stainless Steel – Stainless steel is a good option for a more contemporary or modern kitchen space, especially if you already have stainless steel appliances. It’s non-porous, which means it’s easy to keep clean and naturally antibacterial – perfect for food prep.
  • Wood – Wood is another excellent choice, one that comes in numerous types, from oak or maple to cherry.  This is particularly nice in an island.

These are just a few kitchen countertop ideas that you should consider using. Be sure to contact us at TAB Associates today for more kitchen updating advice.

Create a Cozy Dining and Living Room

Would you like your home to have a comfortable, welcoming appeal? These decorating ideas for cozy living spaces will allow you to create a living room and dining room that show off your sense of style.

  • Pillars in the entryway leading from the dining room to the living room can give both spaces traditional appeal. A matching fireplace, in the same color and material as the pillars, complete the look.
  • To make a large living room cozier, place an area rug on one portion of the floor. Center a coffee table on top of the rug, and arrange a few recliners around it. This makes the space feel smaller and more intimate.
  • Natural wood adds plenty of coziness to a dining room. Focus on choosing a natural wood table that matches your hardwood floor and woodwork. Crown molding makes for a traditional space.

Are you thinking of remodeling your living room or dining room? Let the experts at TAB Associates help! Contact us to discuss your project and design ideas today!

How to Make Your Master Bathroom Into a Retreat

It’s okay for the bathroom in your downstairs hallway to be designed mostly with basic function in mind, but you should want something more out of your master bathroom. This is your bathroom after all! It should be relaxing and comfortable and maybe even a little bit luxurious. You should get pleasure out of using your master bathroom. So how exactly do you do this? By turning it into a retreat!

First of all, if the bathroom is decorated with old wallpaper, get rid of this and give the space a fresh coat of paint. Then work on the floor. Consider adding heated flooring in order to make your bathroom as comfortable as possible – especially during those cooler winter months.

Install windows if possible that allow more natural light to flow in. If it’s not possible, think about installing a skylight. Go with a frameless glass shower enclosure in order to keep the bathroom spacious and to add a bit of elegance. When it comes to the color schemes, we recommend calm and refreshing colors, such as watery greens.

Use these tips to turn your master bathroom into a retreat. Contact us at TAB Associates for more bathroom design advice.

How to Design and Elegant and Transitional Living Room

Transitional design combined classic and modern design elements to create spaces that are both relaxing and sophisticated. If you love transitional style, consider implementing some of these living room designs into your home.

  • Try pairing a more traditional color, such as beige, with a more modern pattern, such as thick stripes or criss-cross patterns. For example, an area rug in beige and cream offers perfect transitional appeal.
  • Lamps add a warm, special touch to a living room. Give your space a transitional, modern look by choosing artistic lamps in bold colors like red or cobalt blue.
  • Large windows allow light to shine into the room. For transitional designs, choose wide windows that extend almost, but not all of the way, to the floor.
  • Built-in shelves and bookcases are a theme in more traditional styles. You can make them more modern or traditional by keeping them simple with geometric designs. Natural wood is a classic choice that coordinates with most any décor.

When you’re ready to update your living room in a more transitional style, contact TAB Associates. We’ll be happy to create a space that accentuates your own unique style.