3 Smart Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Homeowners leave no stone unturned when it comes to interior design that could make a space look bigger, especially a bedroom. If you, too, are on the hunt for some smart bedroom designs, then you have reached your destination! Here, we have revealed a few secrets that deftly fool the eyes and make a room appear spacious and splendid than it actually is. Read them below!

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Tips to Design a Room With a View

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When you work with our Vail Valley architects or Western North Carolina architects to develop your dream home, you may find that the architectural design offers a beautiful view from the living room or from your bedroom. The challenge is matching your decor to fit with the view. By focusing on a few key strategies, you can select decor that enhances and improves your space.

Minimize Your Furniture

When you are decorating a room that has a stunning view, you want to limit your furniture. The focal point of your design is the view from your window, so emphasize the outdoor area by minimizing the furniture in your space. If the room with a view is your bedroom, then avoid heavy dressers. Make sure to leave a large open space around the bed. For living rooms, arrange a couch and a few chairs, but avoid cluttering the space with furniture or items you do not need.

Avoid Heavy Curtains

Heavy curtains distract from the view by drawing the eyes away from the outdoor space. If you want to put curtains on the windows, then opt for light and semi-sheer curtains. Alternatively, do not put curtains in your windows. Avoid heavy curtains or curtains with colors that do not fit well with the view. You also want to make sure any curtains you select do not have complicated designs that may distract from your view. The composition of the view does not start at the window, it starts from the interior.

Focus on Neutral Colors

Since the view is the focal point of your space, you want to focus on neutral décor that allows the view to shine. Select neutral, light-hued colors so that any colors outside your window attract the eyes. For example, opt for a basic white, cream or light brown couch.

Designing your space with beautiful architectural balance in Vail Valley or Western North Carolina is a process. For more details about architectural features on a home or to set up an appointment with an interior design professional, contact us today! We are nationally certified architects currently registered in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, North Carolina, and South Carolina. We can be registered in any state, and are willing to work where ever you are located!

Upscale Kitchen Designs for Your Home

The kitchen has evolved to where it’s regularly used as a secondary dining area as well as a social gathering spot.

The kitchen has become much more than just a place to cook and clean – it’s now regularly used as a secondary dining area as well as a social gathering spot – you may want to spruce up its design a bit. The following are a few ways that you can create a more upscale kitchen design:

  • Lighting – Don’t just make due with the plain old ceiling light fixture. Lighting is important in the kitchen in more than one way. Not only does it make the kitchen more functional, it makes it more stylish as well. Make a statement by using a pair of chandeliers or unique pendant fixtures above your kitchen island.
  • Cabinets – Go with custom kitchen cabinets that extend to your ceiling for additional storage space, and consider using glass-faced cupboards to show off your dinnerware as well as provide a more elegant feel to your design.
  • Tile Backsplash – The backsplash is an area where you can really let your personality shine. Choose a unique and luxurious tile to really elevate your kitchen’s look.

If you want a thorough guide to kitchen remodeling then try visiting: https://groomandstyle.com/ultimate-guide-kitchen-remodel/

Consider these ideas and be sure to contact us at TAB Associates today for additional advice concerning kitchen designs!

Creating a Natural Wood Finish with Modern Tile

Modern Kitchen Interior Design Architecture Stock Image, Photo oThis year’s tiling design trends are truly exciting. From edgy designs to new materials, the tile industry is laying the groundwork for a strong and beautiful future.

Leading the way are faux-wood tiles. Made of ceramics, they mimic the tones and grains of natural wood without the splinters, and with the added benefit of being watertight.

Further, you can select the wood look that you find most appealing. You can choose teak or weathered wood to create a seaside appearance, or you can go with a deep oak finish or lighter pine to soften the appearance of your rooms. Best of all, none of these options will ever scratch, fade, or need a regular oiling.

In addition to the appearance of the individual tile, you can use them to easily create everything from herringbone patterns to parquet. This makes them a diverse, and solid foundation that can be easily blended with your desired décor. You can even select different sized tiles to create a more natural, earthy appearance that’s sure to be noticed and appreciated.

Do you have questions regarding the latest tile design trends? Contact Tab Associates and we’ll be happy to lay them out for you!

The Zen and Balance of Architectural Design

BridgingAn architect’s job is truly unique in that he or she is expected to design something that is not only functional, but also attractive. In many cases, a design’s beauty actually lies within its ability to suit its purpose.

Architecture should be beautiful, but that beauty should come from the remarkable feelings of balance one experiences when looking at or walking through a space. That is not to say there is not room for personalization. Once balance is achieved with the larger elements, the little details of the architectural design are often used to give it some character. These details can be used to evoke the architect’s personal tastes or the preferences of the client.

Often, the zen-like balance of notable architectural designs comes from their simplicity. There are so many different forms of simplicity. From flowing, natural-looking structures to ones made from rigid geometric forms, each achieves balance in its own way. Often, it’s about experiencing that piece in its context, not as a solo work of art.

To learn more about zen and balance in architecture, contact TAB Associates. We aim to create designs that capture their function and the client’s essence.

Contemporary American Home Design Across the Years

Painted Ladies Victorian Houses In San FranciscoIt’s no secret that American home design has changed and evolved over the years. A recent article on Houzz presented a timeline of American home styles, showcasing these changes.

  • American house styles grew from a blend of British, French, and Spanish styles that were brought over by settlers. Homes started off small, and as the nation grew, home sizes increased. Regional differences also developed, with Northeastern homes being great forts to block out winter weather and Southern homes featuring tall windows to capture cooler breeze.
  • In the 18th century, the Greek Revival style brought pillars to the American home design, and in the later 19th century, the Shingle style introduced banded, horizontal elements and larger openings between rooms. Frank Lloyd Wright brought the Craftsman style to the forefront of American architecture, paving the way for the use of natural materials.
  • Now, modern American homes are becoming more geometric and minimalist in design. However, many homeowners still built on the classic designs of the 18th, 19th, and 20th century to create their own, updated versions of these truly American homes.

If you’re ready to start designing your American home, contact TAB Associates to discuss your project today!

Black Is a Bold Exterior Color That May Surprise You

Modern Vertical Roof WindowsIf you’re looking to make a statement with your exterior design, then believe it or not, black might be the way to go. An all black exterior color can be incredibly effective without being overwhelming.

Obviously, not every home design will work in an all black exterior coating. For it to really work, you’ll want to get rid of exterior design elements that would distract from the boldness of the black color, such as the coordinating trim color. This will help provide the home’s structure with a minimalist and clean look that will have a powerful effect.

If cloaking your entire home in black seems a little excessive to you, you can help add a bit of visual levity by using white trim as a strong contrast that’s just as bold as the choice of black. Add a splash of color by choosing a brightly hued entrance door, such as one in a red color. You can also choose to balance the black exterior using frosted glass windows instead – this is an effect that works just as well.

Consider a black exterior design and be sure to contact us at Tab Associates for more home design information and advice today.

What You Should Know Before Embarking on a Remodeling Journey

Construction Engineer's DeskAt TAB Associates, we love remodeling homes to transform them into the homes of the owners’ dreams. However, there are a few remodeling and interior design tips we always recommend owners keep in mind before they start their remodeling journeys.

  • Know your budget going in – This makes it easier to choose materials that you can reasonably afford throughout the project, rather than leaving you on a tight budget and forcing you to skimp at the end.
  • Pay attention to measurements – Sometimes, it’s not possible to fit everything in a space without it feeling overly cluttered, so prioritize and know what you’re willing to do without.
  • Think about the lighting scheme – With the wrong lighting, an otherwise beautiful place can look dull.

TAB Associates recently partook in a remodeling project at a huge log home in Bachelor Gulch. We added extra bathrooms, a workout space, and a theater to the space, and we also completely remodeled the master bathroom. In the process, we and the building’s owners payed close attention to the tips above, which ensured that everything came out beautifully and the home flows well upon completion.

Contact us to learn more about this and our other projects.

Authenticity in Architecture

modern designer kitchenWhat does authenticity mean when it comes to architectural design? This can be a complex question, but the simplest explanation of authenticity is that it occurs when all of the pieces and elements of a design coordinate together perfectly, rather than feeling thrown together in a haphazard manner.

Consider, for instance, a home with a very minimalist exterior — clean lines, only two materials, and parallel geometry. You would expect the interior of the home to have the same elements, and if it does, the building would be said to feel authentic. On the other hand, if the home’s interior were cluttered with complex patterns and the use of multiple materials, the space would not feel authentic.

Another good example would be a children’s room that is decorated with bright colors and geometric patterns. If the window frames were painted bright red or blue, this would feel authentic. On the other hand, carefully hewn wooden, rustic window frames would not have an authentic feel. Authenticity in architecture is similar to the concept of unity — everything should have the same “character.”

If you’re thinking of building a home with architectural authenticity, then contact TAB Associates to learn more about our design services.

Modernist Architectural Trends: Portals

One of the most stunning architectural trends that is popping up in homes across the country is portals. Put simply, portals are exterior elements, such as walls and floors, that extend past the exterior walls of the home to encapsulate pockets or frames.

A large portal may consist of floors, walls and ceilings that extend past an exterior wall to create a sort of porch for residents to spend time on. In some cases, a large portal may wrap around the corner of a home, creating substantial outdoor living space.

Portals can also be integrated as balconies. A middle floor can be extended, along with a roof, to create a projection of an upper floor. Add a railing, and you have a comfortable outdoor space.

Of course, some portals are small. A little wooden portal on the back of a home can serve as a miniature garden, where you can house potted plants and a few patio chairs. Extending just the floor and walls, but not the roof, results in an open-air design.

The experts at TAB Associates can help you integrate the latest architectural trends into your space. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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