3 Smart Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Homeowners leave no stone unturned when it comes to interior design that could make a space look bigger, especially a bedroom. If you, too, are on the hunt for some smart bedroom designs, then you have reached your destination! Here, we have revealed a few secrets that deftly fool the eyes and make a room appear spacious and splendid than it actually is. Read them below!

Lose the clutter

The very first thing, to begin with, is losing the clutter. Your bedroom should radiate a feeling of coziness, tempting you to snooze off to blissful sleep. But a warm retreat seems a distant dream when you are in the middle of clutter. Perhaps you have small pieces of furniture – a cabinet or a pair of chairs – besides your bed that eats up the free space. Look around, if you feel they don’t belong there, take them out. Make an effort to lose some no-longer-wanted items and re-organize your bedroom. 

Install hardwood flooring diagonally

A smart trick to add an illusion of having more space is to rethinking the flooring – how is it installed? Whether it’s laminate, stone, tile, or hardwood flooring – instead of placing the blocks in a traditional manner, lay the flooring diagonally. When the pattern on the floor does not square with the room’s wall, space appears larger and trendier. 

Add reflections

Another secret that makes your room look bigger is the use of reflective surfaces – like mirrors. Though a mirror only imitates the view, it expands the horizons and adds some sparkles at the same time. A pair of small-sized mirrors or a full-length mirror creates an appearance that the bedroom has more space. If you don’t find mirrors fascinating enough, add a glittering chandelier that will reflect both light and the view. 

Whether the plan is to make small or big changes, these bedroom design secrets will certainly benefit you by making your small room appear bigger! For more bedroom interior design tricks, connect with professionals of TAB Associates. Not only can they develop designs of your dreams, but they can also make them come true!

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