What Is Architectural Balance?

The architecture of a building shows a lot about both its planning as well as its construction. When a building is architecturally balanced, it is not only pleasing to the eye but also structurally solid. If you plan on having a home or Commercial building built, you will want to choose an architecture firm that has a reputation for designing buildings that are properly balanced in many different ways.

What Is Architectural Balance?

Architectural balance means that a building was designed so that all of its components are equally balanced. In most cases, that may mean its mass, it can also include other factors such as lighting, windows, and other important aspects. Symmetry can be essential when planning a building. Whether it has a mirrored look or an the mass is adjusted to maintain balance on either side, balance is a necessity. Sometimes asymmetry is the desired look, but even that should have balance.

Why Is Balance so Important?

As humans, we thrive on balance. We require balance to stand upright and function in various capacities. Because of our need for physical balance, we look for balance in the world around us as well. When architects plan a building and start the design process, one of the first things they do is strive to achieve the perfect balance. When it comes to construction, balance is often a stabilizer making the house or building more structurally sound.

Choosing the Right Architectural Firm in Vail Valley, Colorado or western North Carolina

We provide

– Balance in design,

– Balance between design and program,

– Balance between design and construction,

– Balance between construction cost and budget.

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