Meet Our Team – Tab Bonidy

Second post in a series introducing me, Tab Bonidy, President of TAB Associates, Inc.  We have three grandkids in Charlotte, NC and one in Bluffton, SC.

This prompted my wife to request we move to the mountains of western North Carolina.  She figured the only way to get me out of the mountains of Colorado would be to move me to more mountains in North Carolina.  So we bought an 18 acres parcel on Bearwallow Mountain six tenths of a mile down a dirt road on Justus Case Mountain Place off Bearwallow Mountain Road.  We built a barn on the property with a one bedroom apartment on the second floor.  We are currently living in the apartment and barn with our two dogs, four birds, two chickens and a rooster.  Fresh eggs are a wonderful thing.  The grandkids want us to get some goats, but that is down the road a little bit.

I designed a home for the property and it is currently under construction.  This is my fourth home I have built for myself including the barn.   I said years ago that someone would have to drag me kicking and screaming to leave Colorado since I have been there since 1984.  You know what they say, the wife has the stuff and I got to follow the stuff.  Well so far it has been a good change.  I am currently opening a satellite office in Hendersonville, NC.  It should be completed by the middle to end of April.   I also fly back to Colorado once a month to take care of the financial end of the business.  So I guess I haven’t left Colorado completely.  I still enjoy my friends and skiing and hunting.

The three fundamentals of our business is why I started TAB Associates, Inc.  They are to create good architecture, to make money and to have fun.  The third reason is probably the most important of the three.  We make it our mission for us and our clients to have fun in the process.  It is most instrumental in our process. If you ask any of our clients, they will tell you how they enjoyed the process and the final results.  Their final joy is to live in the results of the process.  They were part of the entire process from Conceptual Design through Construction Documents.  They therefore understand why the built environment is what it is.  This is all part of the success over the years of TAB Associates, Inc.

Meet Our Team – Greg Macik

This is the first post in a series about TAB Associates, Inc team members and current projects. I am Greg Macik managing principal of the Edwards office and have been with TAB Associates since day one and before. I met Tab in May of 1997 at a previous firm. When Tab decided to open TAB Associates in December of 1997 it only made sense to join him. I grew up in Galveston, Texas and went to College at Texas Tech where I received my Bachelors in Architecture and Masters in Architectural Historic Preservation. After a number of years in south Texas and Kentucky I decided to move to Colorado to pursue my love of the mountains and skiing. After 20 years in the Valley I still cannot imagine living anywhere else. But, I still miss the beach!

I have a family of 6. That’s, my wife, daughter of 14 years, a dog and two cats. When I do get out of the office I spend a lot of time in our jeep and when my wife lets me, I play golf. Living in Colorado has afforded me and my family many opportunities to really enjoy the outdoors. I still have a hard time thinking about living in a big city away from our beautiful valley.

With Tab’s guidance over the last 20 years we have become a successful and respected firm in the Eagle Valley. We have always remained small so our leadership can continue to guide the direction of the firm and our team members can learn from the collective. Tab has begun to open a new office which should be open in April in Hendersonville, North Carolina. I am excited about this new opportunity to manage the Edwards Office and continue to provide the Valley with quality service and design.

Currently we are 8 strong in Edwards having doubled our size in the last year. Successful projects of over $140 million in the Eagle County Schools and $30 million in the Summit schools has kept us very busy. With this strong team we are situated now to continue to be able to staff new projects. We are also currently working on projects ranging from a planning project for new housing in Gypsum, a 80+ unit condo project in Avon, 7 Wendy’s restaurants, a reskin of Lake Creek Apartments and other projects.

We are always looking for a new project in the Valley and elsewhere in the State.

Stay tuned to our sites as the rest of our team introduce themselves and present the exciting projects we have in the office.

How to Decorate Your Fireplace Year-Round

decorate your fireplace

The hearth has long been a symbol of what home was. The comfort of a fireplace, even if seldom used, conveys a homey feel. This sentiment is one that has withstood the test of time.

This makes it even more important to make sure that your mantel not only represents your personality but the vibe that you want your home to give off. Check out these 5 ways to spruce up your mantel and achieve that finishing look to your home.

How to Decorate Your Fireplace Year-Round

  • Bring in a Little Bit of the Shoreline: For a year-round summer feel for your mantel, you can adorn it with unique pieces of driftwood, shells collections, and nautical ropes or lanterns.
  • Immortalize Your Favorite Verse: Have a favorite poetry verse or family saying? Put it on display on a chalkboard atop of your mantel, flanked by some varying sizes of candles to create a unique and a daily motivational piece.
  • Resurrect Some Silver Serving Trays: If you have some serving tray pieces that have been collecting dust waiting for the perfect occasion to use, you can repurpose them as mantel decoration. Their reflective quality adds a unique look to any fireplace.
  • Add Some Favorite Florals: Find some beautiful live (or silk) flowers that provide a pop of color that goes with the room. If you have a more neutral color palette, you can always go with a classic bouquet of white.
  • Provide Some Additional Room Lighting: Depending on the size of your mantel, you can decorate and provide some additional light to low-lit rooms by placing decorative lamps on each edge. Lamps also create spotlighting for mantel pictures as well.

If you are looking for an architectural firm to help design your house to truly become your hearth and home, contact TAB Associates today to schedule your consultation.