New Luxury Condos to be built near Beaver Creek Colorado

A spectacular 81 unit Condominium Building was designed on a hillside lot in Avon, Colorado.  The lot is 21 acres with 4.2 buildable acres just above Highway 6 just east of Avon Road.  The Avon Planning and Zoning Board gave us straight zoning of Multi-Family which allows 20 units per acre or 84 units maximum and a maximum height of 60 feet.  The building designed has 7 premium one bedroom units averaging 1,203 s.f. each, 39 premium two bedroom units averaging 1,485 s.f. each and 35 premium three bedroom units averaging 2,082 s.f. each.

The project name is Colorado World Resort and is being developed by a group from Denver.  The building consist of a lower level of parking including the Lobby for the project.  The Condominium units can go into the rental pool and can be rented like hotel suites.  This can be very valuable for the Ski Area Beaver Creek which is just 2.5 miles south of the site.  Shuttles are being provided to take residents to the ski areas (Vail is just 9 miles to the east) and to the Eagle County regional airport as well as Denver International Airport.

The grocery store is just over a half mile away, very walkable.  There are over a dozen restaurants within walking distance of the project.  The project consists of 275k s.f. and should cost around $75 million to build.  It has a large swimming pool and 3 spas.

This is the west middle of the building with its large second level plaza.

Here is the entry from Highway 6 in the east middle of the building.

Here is the entire building located just east of the Accent building.  It is about 660 feet long.

Three floors of condominiums above one level of parking.  The pools on the south side of the building area at the second level.

If you have any clients that are Developers that are looking for an Architect, please keep us in mind.  We will do an excellent job that will make you proud for referring us.  Please visit our website to review many other projects we have done over the 20+ years of business.  If you have any questions, please call Tab at (970) 766-1470 ext. 103.

Use Color to Your Advantage to Achieve Architectural Balance

architectural balanceThe effective use of color can elevate the design of your home and help you achieve true architectural balance. Your ability to apply the right hues and shades can have a tremendous impact on the cohesiveness of your design. Innovative color application methods give your interior design a wow factor that makes it stand far apart from the rest. Here are a few ways to use color to your advantage in your interior design.

Perfect Your Palette

A strong color scheme with both complementary and contrasting colors can create a guiding palette for your interior design. While working with neutral base colors, look at the undertones to decide how to best pair different tones to create your ideal palette.

Paint Your Ceilings a Lighter Hue

If you want to beautifully open up the space in your home, paint all your ceilings a slightly brighter or lighter hue than the walls. The lighter ceiling color will help guide the eye upward and effectively expand its perceived boundaries.

Stripe With the 50/150 Rule

To create beautiful stripes on your wall or ceiling, always utilize the 50/150 rule for mixing paint. To follow this rule, create a paint color that is 50 percent lighter and another that is 150 percent darker than your base color. Use these tones to create subtle stripes as a focal point in the room.

Blend Patterns and Solids for Architectural Balance

Although accent walls are divine, a mix of patterns and solids go much further in creating a balanced aesthetic. Consider creatively utilizing paint to create patterns on a single wall area to add texture to your interior design.

When you put color to use for you, it is possible to achieve architectural balance. For assistance in elevating your home design, contact your trusted architectural firm.

Meet Our Team – Norman Angel

Hello, and welcome to my article! I’m Norman Angel, one of the newest members at the satellite North Carolina office! Although I haven’t had the wondrous experience of the mountains of Colorado like my colleagues, I have been subjected to a variety of different environments while growing up. I was born in New Jersey, but spent my childhood in Northwest Indiana (about two hours from Chicago), followed by enjoying my teens in Southern New Jersey (about a half an hour from Philadelphia), and my college years a few miles north of Charlotte, North Carolina. The temporary context in each place has made me into an amalgamation of a Midwesterner, a Northerner, and a Southerner which is great or horrible, depending on who you ask.

Growing up I had always thought I’d be an engineer like my father, but as I got closer to college I realized that creativity/imagination was essential to allow me to be happy with my career. At first glance, architecture seemed to be engineering with more attention on creativity and thus my instinct said it was the “perfect fit”. It wasn’t until my time at the University of North Carolina Charlotte’s School of Architecture that I began to realize what a perfect fit it truly was for me. It’s a place where anyone can find something to love, with the vast variety of overlapping discourses [like philosophy, theory, writing, history, et cetra]. It is an amalgamation like me, and for that I am forever in love with it.

It was after graduation when I had the fantastic opportunity of becoming a TAB Associates, Inc. team member, and it was an offer I could not, nor would not let pass me by. Since then, it has been my own slice of heaven on Earth.  Working with great, talented, sweet, and patient people, doing architecture to be proud of, and being able to be ingrained into the “family” has me waking up with a smile on my face before my eyes can even open.

My professional work is gaining some traction, so I may not have the wonderful experience of sharing what I have done in the architectural field, but knowing that I have experts like Tab and Greg to help me along the way, you can guarantee the work will be phenomenal! (As well as the entire team, that I have had/have not had the pleasure of working with)

As for my last tiddlywink, a peak into my personal life [aside from my “nomadic” life as aforementioned]. My heart has always thumped in excitement for ice hockey, cinema, exploring architecture, doing things with friends (like “Painting with Bob

Ross” at the Bechtler Museum in Charlotte), spending time with my family (my parents and sibling), and trying to keep my good fish friend, Carmine, happy. That brief summary is a little bit vague, but words are always limited! I hope you enjoyed reading about my colleagues and I, but I highly recommend seeing the beautiful work that goes along with us at!