Meet Our Team – Norman Angel

Hello, and welcome to my article! I’m Norman Angel, one of the newest members at the satellite North Carolina office! Although I haven’t had the wondrous experience of the mountains of Colorado like my colleagues, I have been subjected to a variety of different environments while growing up. I was born in New Jersey, but spent my childhood in Northwest Indiana (about two hours from Chicago), followed by enjoying my teens in Southern New Jersey (about a half an hour from Philadelphia), and my college years a few miles north of Charlotte, North Carolina. The temporary context in each place has made me into an amalgamation of a Midwesterner, a Northerner, and a Southerner which is great or horrible, depending on who you ask.

Growing up I had always thought I’d be an engineer like my father, but as I got closer to college I realized that creativity/imagination was essential to allow me to be happy with my career. At first glance, architecture seemed to be engineering with more attention on creativity and thus my instinct said it was the “perfect fit”. It wasn’t until my time at the University of North Carolina Charlotte’s School of Architecture that I began to realize what a perfect fit it truly was for me. It’s a place where anyone can find something to love, with the vast variety of overlapping discourses [like philosophy, theory, writing, history, et cetra]. It is an amalgamation like me, and for that I am forever in love with it.

It was after graduation when I had the fantastic opportunity of becoming a TAB Associates, Inc. team member, and it was an offer I could not, nor would not let pass me by. Since then, it has been my own slice of heaven on Earth.  Working with great, talented, sweet, and patient people, doing architecture to be proud of, and being able to be ingrained into the “family” has me waking up with a smile on my face before my eyes can even open.

My professional work is gaining some traction, so I may not have the wonderful experience of sharing what I have done in the architectural field, but knowing that I have experts like Tab and Greg to help me along the way, you can guarantee the work will be phenomenal! (As well as the entire team, that I have had/have not had the pleasure of working with)

As for my last tiddlywink, a peak into my personal life [aside from my “nomadic” life as aforementioned]. My heart has always thumped in excitement for ice hockey, cinema, exploring architecture, doing things with friends (like “Painting with Bob

Ross” at the Bechtler Museum in Charlotte), spending time with my family (my parents and sibling), and trying to keep my good fish friend, Carmine, happy. That brief summary is a little bit vague, but words are always limited! I hope you enjoyed reading about my colleagues and I, but I highly recommend seeing the beautiful work that goes along with us at!

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