Learn More About Our Philosophy Here at TAB

Colorado has numerous outstanding buildings, resorts and accommodations designed by talented individuals from Colorado architecture firms such as TAB Associates, Inc. These architects are master artists when it comes to creating a vision based on your needs.

Learn More About Our Philosophy Here at TAB
TAB Associates has architects that are skilled and willing to work toward bringing a client’s vision to life.

At TAB, the goal is all about designing what the customer wants while maintaining balance between the design itself and construction, along with the cost and budget. It is a team effort between the client and the architect to fashion exactly what the client envisions while keeping true to construction requirements and financial guidelines.

From start to finish, TAB Associates takes the client through each step of the planning and interior design, all the while listening to what the client has to say. Communication is key between the architect and the client, and TAB Associates support this every day of the project.

With over 30 years in the business of architecture, TAB Associates is dedicated to providing the utmost in professional architectural services from day one to ensure that the end project is the complete picture of what the client had in mind.

For your current or future architectural needs, contact TAB Associates, Inc.  at (970) 766-1470 and speak with one of the experienced staff who will help turn your vision into reality.

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Vail Neighborhood Spotlight: Beaver Creek

Vail Neighborhood Spotlight: Beaver Creek
Beaver Creek is a gated resort in the Vail that offers residents a safe place to call home.

Choosing from the many Vail neighborhoods can be a difficult task for anyone new to the area. However, we believe there’s no place that is quite like Beaver Creek. It’s one of the area’s favorite communities and a site to be seen by all visiting the Vail.

The motto for Beaver Creek is, ‘Not Quite Roughing It,’ and it’s exactly that. The area is host to a variety of year-round activities, from mountain hiking in the summer to skiing in winter. Perhaps the most appealing to new residents is the fact that this gated community allows for children to run around unimpeded in the fresh air and sunshine. Or, perhaps it’s the beautifully designed properties and homes that dot the landscape.

Beaver Creek is a resort, not just for tourists, but for residents, and even a brief visit to the Ritz-Carlton or Park Hyatt makes it easy to see why.

If you’ve been considering a home in Beaver Creek, TAB Associates can custom-design it for you. From luxury homes in Beaver Creek, or any of the other Vail neighborhoods, we will work hard to bring you exactly what you want.

Image courtesy of TAB Associates

Modern Trends in Mountain Homes: Home Position


Modern Trends in Mountain Homes: Home Position
Positioning of a home can determine the amount of openness and light of the household.

TAB Associates has its finger on the pulse of mountain home trends. People are increasingly dissatisfied with the classic and claustrophobic ‘boxy room’ set up, and are looking for more creative, open spaces to utilize throughout the house.

One of the advantages of building a custom home in Colorado is that there is gorgeous scenery and abundant sunshine year round. This makes for open floor plans, which are already trending, more sensible for the Colorado home. One way to keep this space open is by combining a ‘total living area’ — an open floor plan that utilizes dining and living in one, then opens up to the kitchen.

The kitchen is the “heart” of the home. Big windows and other pieces finish off the design perfectly, allowing a great deal of light in, as well as the feel of ‘being in nature.’  We provide the windows and God provides the ‘art’.

When it comes to knowing mountain home trends, and how to customize a home to keep clients happy, TAB Associates has the experience and expertise to create a home that’s not only trendy but long-lasting and beautiful.

Artist Spotlight: JD Challenger

Artist Spotlight: JD Challenger
A vast majority of JD Challenger’s work centers on Native peoples from Oklahoma.

We feature many American artists here at TAB Associates, and one of our favorites is JD Challenger.

JD Challenger goes beyond most western artists by painting Native Americans and Native motifs, not just from his perspective, but from the history and stories of the many indigenous cultures. Not only is his work beautiful, it is done with respect and empathy.

Raised in Oklahoma, JD was close to his ‘step-father,’ a full-blood Choctaw, who helped shape his views on respect for Native culture, as well as influence much of his later work. From there, JD began to tell the stories and histories of many different tribes, bands, and nations. His heart and soul is put into every colorful brush stroke and vivid piece.

If you would like to purchase a commissioned piece, please take a moment to view his works and then contact him at 888-751-4677.

At TAB Associates, we believe that American artists add to the beauty of homes, just like a good architectural design does. JD Challenger is one artist who puts a great deal of emotion and feeling into his work, telling stories from the rich history of the indigenous American peoples.

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An Interview With Tab Bonidy

colorado architects, vail architects
Tab Bonidy, owner of TAB Associates, Inc. Source: TabAssociates.com

We had a chance to interview Tab Bonidy, owner of the Colorado architecture firm, TAB Associates, Inc. and ask him a few questions about his history with architecture and where he thinks the future of the industry is heading. Take a look:

What made you want to become an architect?
I wanted to become an architect since I was 10 years old.  I had a private art teacher when I was ten and I designed a home.  Ever since then, that is all I wanted to do.

What goes on a day-to-day basis in an architect’s life?
Working on projects is the day to day business.  Also, trying to find more work these days is quite important.

What is your favorite aspect about being an architect? 
The creative side of solving a client’s desires is my favorite aspect of being an architect.  So I would say it is Conceptual Design which is the beginning of a project, although I very much enjoy detailing a project which comes towards the end.

What is your favorite structure/building/piece of architecture and why?
I guess I would say log homes because of their difficulty, but really anything complex, even like a complex steel structure is fun to design.

What is your most memorable piece of architecture that you have personally worked on? 
I would have to say either the Cook Residence, the Catlin Residence or the Thomas Residence.  They were all challenging sites which is where our job starts and they were all great clients to work for and with together.

What’s your favorite thing about being a business owner?
I would have to say that getting to do things my way.  Also, providing a great place to work is very important.

What makes TAB Associates successful?
I believe it is because we really listen to our clients desires.  We put our ego aside and design for our clients.  We start with a good program and design the concept on the site with all of its amenities right in front of us.  We make the process fun for our clients and they are a part of every step of the way.  In this way, they know exactly why things are the way they turn out because they are an integral part of the process.

Where do you see the architecture industry heading in the next 5 years?
I can only hope it will get more busy, but that will take a major change in Washington DC.  We need to restore our Country back to being a prosperous nation.  This will take some deregulation and us becoming energy independent.

Source: Tab Associates