Vail Neighborhood Spotlight: Beaver Creek

Vail Neighborhood Spotlight: Beaver Creek
Beaver Creek is a gated resort in the Vail that offers residents a safe place to call home.

Choosing from the many Vail neighborhoods can be a difficult task for anyone new to the area. However, we believe there’s no place that is quite like Beaver Creek. It’s one of the area’s favorite communities and a site to be seen by all visiting the Vail.

The motto for Beaver Creek is, ‘Not Quite Roughing It,’ and it’s exactly that. The area is host to a variety of year-round activities, from mountain hiking in the summer to skiing in winter. Perhaps the most appealing to new residents is the fact that this gated community allows for children to run around unimpeded in the fresh air and sunshine. Or, perhaps it’s the beautifully designed properties and homes that dot the landscape.

Beaver Creek is a resort, not just for tourists, but for residents, and even a brief visit to the Ritz-Carlton or Park Hyatt makes it easy to see why.

If you’ve been considering a home in Beaver Creek, TAB Associates can custom-design it for you. From luxury homes in Beaver Creek, or any of the other Vail neighborhoods, we will work hard to bring you exactly what you want.

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Get to Know the Neighborhoods in Vail, Colorado

Get to Know the Neighborhoods in Vail, Colorado
Vail is a neighborhood with a nice mixture of residential living and fun places to go shopping.

Vail neighborhoods are diverse and unique, and the area is one of the nicest places to live in Colorado for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is the beautiful neighborhoods. There are fourteen different Vail neighborhoods to choose from, and for those who want something a little different with their architecture, there’s really one place that’s super trendy right now: Edwards and Lake Creek.

This area is the fastest-growing neighborhood in Vail. And with a warm family atmosphere, it’s a very attractive place where locals are relocating. It’s ideal for both commercial and residential building projects, and the neighborhood sports some of the very best restaurants in the Valley.

The Riverwalk in Edwards cannot be beat for commercial properties and building. Unique boutiques, shops and markets are all the rage for those who love to indulge in retail therapy. This whole area is ready for even more growth, and architectural planning is prime for the Edwards and Lake Creek area.

If you’ve been considering a residential or commercial project for a great neighborhood, TAB Associates can help you find exactly the right fit for your needs, no matter what area!