Refining the Look of Your Log Home

Darker floors, neutral colors, and having large focal point pieces can help to compliment the rustic qualities of your home.

There’s nothing more comfortable and cozy than a log home. However, while the style of a log home will certainly provide an inviting and comfortable atmosphere on its own, you’ll want to decorate it in a way that compliments its rustic qualities for a balanced interior design. The following are a few rustic design tips for your log home:

  • Design darker floors – Add some contrast to your wood log walls and ceiling by staining the floor a darker brown. This helps add a sophisticated balance in addition to providing some visual weight to the space.
  • Use neutral colors – Neutral colors throughout your interior will help create a more cohesive overall look. Gray palettes tend to calm down interiors and help modernize your design a little bit in addition to softening your interior.
  • Large focal point pieces – If you have tall ceilings, which many log homes do, consider hanging a big light fixture that stands up to the scale of the room. A big art piece can also help create a focal point and add visual interest.

Use these decorating tips to design your log home. For more advice on enhancing your log home design, contact us at TAB Associates today.

Light Your Home Up With These Tips

The right interior lighting can make a well-designed home look even more stunning. Follow these lighting tips to ensure your home is perfectly lit.

  • Place mirrors cleverly throughout the room to reflect light that comes in the windows. Mirrored table tops are even more stunning.
  • A filter for natural light, placed over the windows, can make it appear even airier.
  • The color of a lampshade affects the color of the light that shines through it. Look for white lampshades made from organic material for the most vivid light.
  • Interior doors with glass panes can make interior rooms with few windows seem brighter and larger.
  • For rooms where you want dimmer, more ambient lighting, use 20 or 40-watt bulbs overhead. For rooms that must be brighter, 75-watt bulbs are the best choice.
  • A dimmer switch is perfect for the living room or dining room overhead light, but it also works well for table side lamps, since you can turn them down for ambiance or up for reading purposes.

If you’re working on your interior design and need more help choosing the right lighting scheme, contact the experts at TAB Associates today!

TAB Goes Green With These Beautiful Properties

Green building is more than just a trend, it’s the right way to build for the health of the planet. At TAB Associates, we’ve created many beautiful green properties, including:

The Bonidy Residence

This 3,000 square foot home has stunning views of the Sawatch Range. We used blown urethane insulation, an 80% effective air-to-air heat exchanger, and a passive solar system to keep energy use down. Radiant in-floor heating is supplemented by a wood-burning stove. Click here for further information and images.


Spanning more than 8,000 square feet, this timber home has 6 bedrooms, 7 1/2 bathrooms, a 3-car garage, a hearth room, a ski room, and more. It’s located on a ski-in, ski-out lot. The photovoltaic panels and evacuated solar panels green up the design. Click here for the further information and images.

Madison Partners P.U.D.

With 112 condominium-style homes, this resort is situated on 21 acres in Avon, CO. It is still being planned and developed, but we are focused on attaining a LEED certification through the use of green building products. The homes stretch across the base of a mountain. Click here to see project.

To learn more about our commitment to green building, contact TAB Associates today. We’d love to share our latest project and design ideas with you.

Our LEED Gold Residence is Beautiful & Eco-Friendly!

TAB Architects is proud to introduced the Navarro-Wear Residence, a 5.900 square foot home with a wood frame and wood accents. Earning its LEED Gold Certification, the home is energy-efficient and sustainably built.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. It’s a green-building certification program through which building projects that meet environmental and energy-efficiency standards are given ratings. The Gold Certification is certainly one to be proud of.

This home is not just eco-friendly, it is also stunning. With 5 bedrooms and 5 1/2 bathrooms, it incorporates unique timber accents. Solar collectors provide heat supplemental heat, and all of the insulation is polyurethane spray foam. Air exchangers provide continuous circulation of fresh air. Set amongst the hills and surrounded by gorgeous landscaping, the exterior of the home stands out with its wooden and stone finish and unique, multi-level roofing design. There are even several balconies from which residents can enjoy the outdoors.

Learn more about this LEED Gold Certified home and our other projects by contacting TAB Associates. We’d love to help you design a beautiful, environmentally friendly residence, too.