10 Important Questions to Ask an Architect in Vail Valley

Holzworth ResidenceSelecting an architectural firm in Vail Valley will impact your life not only during the construction of your dream project but for many additional years to come. Preparing a list of important questions can help you determine which firm will best meet your needs. Since every person is unique, it is important to rank the following questions in order of importance to you and compare the answers you receive accordingly.

Ten Questions to Ask an Architect

  1. What is unique about your philosophy of design that sets you apart from your competitors?
  2. Who will be designing my project and will this be the same person I will be communicating with throughout the project?
  3. What type of timeframe will you need to complete this project? Will your firm be able to prioritize the work or are you highly occupied at this time?
  4. Do you foresee any particular challenges and if so, are your architects experienced in dealing with similar situations?
  5. Will you utilize computer animation, drawings or other materials as visual aids while answering any questions I have?
  6. Will I need to directly communicate with the general contractor who oversees construction of my project?
  7. Is your firm well versed in sustainable or “green” building designs which will save significant amounts of money and energy?
  8. What are the estimated costs of your services for this project and how are your fees determined?
  9. What types of situations typically generate additional expenses?
  10. What percentage of your projects are completed within the initial budget or estimate you provide?

Choose Your Firm With Care

Regardless of whether you are planning construction for a single family home or a multi-million dollar retreat facility, working with the architectural firm which best meets your needs will significantly affect your overall satisfaction. Give our Vail Valley architects at TAB Associates a call when you are ready to discuss the details of your plan with qualified professionals.

New Interior Renovation Trends for the New Year

As we welcome the New Year, a home renovation plan could be a great way to start off on a fresh note. The coming year will turn out to be even more exciting when you decide to try out new things, especially with respect to the interior design of your home.

Bathroom Interiors

Let’s begin with the bathroom interiors. It can be difficult and expensive to design bathrooms, especially master bathrooms. It means dealing with plumbing, ventilation and electrical systems and adhering to energy and water-saving codes according to your location.

In the New Year, independent toilet rooms will be the buzzword. These toilet rooms have the benefit of adding a touch of privacy to shared baths. Also, if you’re planning to renovate your bathroom in the coming year, go frameless for your shower enclosures. This is a crisper and cleaner look and allows the shower tiles to shine through!

Kitchen Designs

In 2016, as far as the interior design of kitchens is concerned, you will still have to ensure efficient storage facilities, and you can get back the tiles into your kitchen. In the New Year, kitchen renovations will be high on textured and colored tiles. You don’t necessarily need to install a very bright or strong color; neutrals will work well too. Take inspiration from European designs to renovate your home’s kitchen in 2016!

Darker Color Palettes

For the longest time, we have been observing mostly white home interiors including white floors, white walls, white ceilings, white upholstery and so on. This year, however, interior designers are predicting that there might be a transition towards darker and moodier hues. This means that homeowners planning a renovation can think about incorporating colors such as charcoal, navy, aubergine and hunter green into their home interiors. Use the colors on walls, ceilings or upholstery to add a touch of glamor to your home décor.

Combining Vintage and Contemporary

A key home renovation trend in the New Year will be the mixing of contemporary and vintage design elements while styling your home. When you combine furniture and other interior elements from various eras, it lends a more dynamic look to your space. In order to shop for good quality old furniture, visit antique stores, and add a touch of history to your home décor. It will also make your home look warmer and more welcoming.

It is a good idea to consult a professional before deciding on a particular home renovation idea for the New Year. Feel free to reach out to TAB Associates to help bring in the new year with a home of your dreams!

Designing A Resort Style Bathroom For Your Home

TAB Associates can help you design a resort style bathroom for your home.
TAB Associates can help you design a resort style bathroom for your home.

When you have a resort styled bathroom in your home, you don’t have to go on vacation in order to take a relaxing and rejuvenating bath or shower. TAB Associates can help you design a resort style bathroom using some or all of the following ideas:

  • A free-standing tub, mounted on top of a stained wooden platform looks luxurious, especially when surrounded with plenty of green plants.
  • To allow for a soothing, sunny glow, consider positioning your resort bathroom on an outside wall and incorporating a patio and double doors into the design.
  • A natural wood floor can give your bathroom an outdoorsy vibe without looking overly rustic. Pair it with gray tile for a look that reminds you of the beach.
  • To make your space as relaxing as possible consider dividing your bathroom into two sections, divided by a curtain or sliding doors. Put a bath tub and sink in one section, and a comfortable sofa in the other half.
  • Position your mirrors carefully so that you can use them, yet they don’t become an overwhelming part of your decor.

Contact TAB Associates for help designing the luxurious, resort-style bathroom of your dreams.

How TAB Associates Can Help You Build Your Dream Home

To ensure that home-building is as smooth as possible, it is essential that there be a skilled and experienced architect overseeing the process.
To ensure that home-building is as smooth as possible, it is essential that there be a skilled and experienced architect overseeing the process.

Erecting a building is easier said than done, not least because even small mistakes can build into expensive and time-consuming problems for the builders. To ensure that home-building is as smooth as possible, it is essential that there be a skilled and experienced architect overseeing the process. A skilled and experienced architect such as those can be found at TAB Associates.

Our services can help our valued clients build the perfect homes, regardless of their personal preferences. In main, this is because of our simple but nonetheless profound approach when it comes to planning a home. Summed up, we strive to achieve achieve balance between all aspects of building a home, so that no single part is ever aggrandized at the expense of another.

Of course, our expertise and experience speak for themselves. Our founder alone has almost three decades of experience as a certified architect, while the rest of our team is made up of graduate professionals. It is this wide range of experience that has made us so adaptable.

For proof of our claims, please contact us at TAB Associates as soon as time permits to see pictures of the buildings that we have helped to create.

Advice On Hiring an Architect to Make Your Dream Home Come True

If you are thinking of remodeling your home, there’s one step you simply cannot skip — hiring an architect. Those who hire architects to design their homes or help design their remodels are consistently pleased with their results. Here’s why:

architects in vail CO
Source: TAB Associates
  • Someone will need to coordinate the various construction professionals who come together to work on your home. Who better than an architect, who thoroughly understands the ins and outs of your home design?
  • There’s a lot of paperwork  associated with building or remodeling a home. Satisfying building codes and meeting structural demands are not tasks to be undertaken by a novice. Your architect can ensure that these needs are met, and that the resulting structure is also attractive.
  • Architects are trained to see the big picture. You might think that brass doorknobs look good with anything, but your architect will be able to point out potential flaws in ideas like this before you waste your money on designs that don’t turn out to be as amazing as you’d hoped.

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling and existing one, the architects at TAB Associates would love to help. Contact us to discuss your needs today.

Plans to Build Your Own Home? Follow These Tips to Get Started

If you want to live in a home that fits your dreams and expectations in every way, then building your own home is a great choice. However, the process can be difficult if you don’t approach it in the right way. Follow these tips to build your own home successfully.

3D home rendering
Source: TAB Associates
  • Pick the right land. Consider the school district, access to public spaces, the community, neighbors… anything you’d consider if moving into an existing home. You’ll also need to look at grading and topology to make sure it will work with the style of home you wish to build.
  • Hire an excellent builder. Get plenty of references, and get a few estimates before choosing someone. You need a builder who is easy to work with, and who is clear about what’s included in their services and what is not. Make sure your builder is licensed.
  • Have your plans drawn up by an architect. Even if you choose stock plans rather than custom plans, you’ll know that everything is properly laid out. Choose an architect with plenty of experience designing residential structures.

To discuss your custom home plans and start building your dream home, contact the architects at TAB Associates, Inc.

Interior Design Trends for 2014

Just like personal style, interior design is always changing. New trends are emerging and allowing homeowners to create looks that are truly their own. Here’s a look at a few design trends for 2014 that you may want to consider incorporating into your home.

2014 interior design tips
Source: TAB Associates

Vintage Decor – Unique, vintage furniture and decorations are more popular than ever. There’s just something special about having a chest or chair that you know no one else has — especially when it matches your decor perfectly.

Plenty of Color – Neutral, beige tones are out — at least when they’re not paired with brighter, flashier colors. Loud tones like bright cobalt blue and yellow are very popular right now.

The Rustic Look – From exposed wooden beams in the ceiling, to bedrooms that feel like they’re in a mountain retreat, the cabin-style, rustic look has gained a lot of footing in 2014.

Spa-Style Bathrooms – From walk-in showers, to ornate tile and heated floors, bathrooms are becoming a true place of luxury. Many are made to resemble mountain resorts with natural stone and wood used throughout the designs.

For help incorporating these home design trends into your building plans, contact TAB Associates, Inc.

Tips for Building a Cabin Home

Whether you plan to use it as a vacation home or as your primary dwelling, a log cabin home can create feelings of comfort and warmth. Use these tips when building a cabin home that’s perfect for your family.

building a log cabin
Source: TAB Associates
  • Don’t overlook the importance of log selection. All wood is not created equal. The better the logs you use to construct your cabin, the more attractive it will be and the longer it will last.
  • Remember to account for the settling of the wood when planning keyways, slip joints, and window installations.
  • Wiring a log home is not exactly like wiring a traditional drywall home. Hire an electrician who has experience working with log cabins for best results.
  • Get off to the right start with the right buildings plans. Work with an experienced architect to design a custom cabin, or purchase pre-made plans.
  • Remember that building codes may specific what you can and cannot do with your cabin’s structure. If you work with an architect who has experience building cabins, he or she should be familiar with these restrictions.

Contact the experts at TAB Associates, Inc. if you’re looking for help designing the perfect log cabin home.

How To Build A Fire Pit For Your Yard

On cool fall and spring nights, sitting around a campfire with family and friends is incredibly relaxing. Having a fire pit in your backyard is sure to prove worthwhile, time and time again. Follow these simple tips when building a firepit.

outdoor firepit
Source: TAB Associates


  • Choose a site that’s located far from buildings and trees. Make sure the ground is level for easy building.
  • Check your local building codes. Some require that the fire pit is surrounded with sand or gravel.
  • Design your pit. Traditionally, they are cylindrical, and about 2 feet tall with a 5-foot diameter. However, you can make a bigger or smaller pit depending on your needs.
  • Dig the ground out and create a concrete foundation for your fire pit. You’ll also need to create a drainage area in the center.
  • When the foundation is formed and dry, lay the stones. If using natural stones, you may need to chisel them slightly to create attractive shapes. Seal them together with mortar, smooth it out, and seal it. You’re done!

At TAB Associates, our talented architects and designers are always happy to help you design the home of your dreams. Contact us to discuss your building plans today.

Ideas for Building in the Charming Rustic Cabin Style

Rustic cabins are quaint, charming, and homey. If you’re thinking of having your own cabin built, either as a retreat or a primary home, keep these ideas in mind as you plan your floor plan and architectural design:

cabin style decor
Source: TAB Associates
  • Open lofts are the perfect complement to a rustic cabin home. You can use your loft as an extra bedroom, a relaxing library, or even a TV room.
  • While wood is the traditional choice for cabins, remember that you can work stone into your design. A beautiful stone chimney can make your cabin seem even cozier.
  • Cabins are places for families to spend time together. An open floor plan makes this easier, promoting conversation and interaction.
  • You’ll want to spend plenty of time relaxing outside when you’re at your cabin for a retreat. A spacious, wrap-around porch makes this possible.
  • Incorporate plenty of rustic wood into your interior to maintain the cabin-look indoors.
  • No cabin is complete without a beautiful mantle to display family heirlooms and treasures. Rustic brick and stone are great materials for your fireplace and mantel.

If you’re interested in building a cabin style home, contact TAB Associates, Inc. to learn more about our architectural services.