Everything You Should Know About Budgeting for Your Home Remodel

One of the first steps in remodeling your home is setting a budget, but even that can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. Here are a few tips for setting a home remodeling budget that will allow you to create a suitable space, and also avoid being blindsided by unexpected costs.

  • Establish your budget before you begin working with contractors and designers. This way, you can let the people you’re working with know your budget up front, so you don’t end up falling in love with designs you can’t afford.
  • Talk to others in your area who have had home remodels, and check with a few companies to make sure your budget is realistic. You might find that you have to settle for remodeling one room rather than two in order to stick with your budget, or that you can make more changes than you originally planned.
  • Always understand what you’re paying for when hiring designers or contractors. Does your contract include materials and labor? Does it cover the plan sketch?

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Planning a Bathroom Remodel? Don’t Forget These Important Design Tips!

Bathroom remodeling can be very satisfying. You’ll love getting ready for the day in your new space! Before you jump into this project, however, you have a little planning to do. Here are some tips to ensure this stage goes smoothly, so you can move on to the actual remodeling.

  • Make sure you leave adequate space around your fixtures. Too many bathrooms have cramped toilet spaces or sinks too close to the toilets because of poor planning.
  • If your bathroom size allows for it, try not to make the toilet the first thing you see when you step inside the bathroom. The sink or a lovely vanity make for a much more pleasant greeting.
  • Consider keeping some of the current bathroom in place. Perhaps you still like the floor, the shower stall or the vanity. Remember you don’t necessarily have to replace everything.
  • Set a budget, so you can give this to contractors and designers up-front and protect yourself from surprise costs.
  • Pick a few high-end materials to splurge on, whether it be tile or a fancy sink. It only takes a few to give your bathroom high-end appeal.
  • Consider replacing cabinet drawer faces and doors instead of removing the entire vanity.  This will save both time and money.
  • Consider adding roll-out shelves in the bottom of sink bases and cabinets to reach the stuff in the back of the cabinet.

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Small Remodeling Touches That Can Make a Big Difference

Sometimes it doesn’t take a full remodel to give your home a new and exciting look. These small remodeling ideas can make a big difference with little time and effort.

  • Under-cabinet lighting can make your whole kitchen seem more welcoming and open. It also makes tasks like chopping onions and preparing late-night coffee easier.
  • A dimmer switch can allow you to change the mood in your living and dining room with just a touch of the hand. Set the light low for a romantic evening, or turn it up for an exciting board game night.
  • A motion-activated porch light is a great choice if you’re always fumbling for your keys in the dark. You’ll feel safe and secure, even when you get home late at night.
  • Soft-close cabinets and drawers are a great addition to your kitchen. No more fighting with stuck drawers or knocking your head on cabinets that got left open.
  • A built-in soap dispenser decreases the amount of clutter on your kitchen counter top, giving it a neater appearance.

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Things to Avoid in Your Next Home Remodel

Remodeling do’s and remodeling don’ts abound when it comes to creating the perfect home. The following are some things we strongly recommend you don’t do as you plan your remodeling project.

  • Don’t delay decisions. This adds time and expense to the project. Instead, get the information you need quickly and don’t hesitate to be decisive.
  • Don’t bargain hunt. Bargain hunting for materials might save you a buck or two, but it probably won’t. Remember, contractors have relationships with suppliers that can save you even more.
  • Don’t underbudget. Always plan a small contingency fund for unexpected expenses or small cost overruns. This will save you a great number of headaches.
  • Don’t get in the way. Make sure your contractor can work free from distractions including kids, pets, and you. While you’ll no doubt be eager to see the work going on, try and limit your time on the job site.
  • Don’t skimp on planning. The more planning you do, the better the finished remodel will look and feel.

The architects at Tab Associates, Inc. would be happy to discuss these “remodeling don’ts” with you. We invite you to contact us for more information, and to discuss the “remodeling do’s” we recommend!