Ideas for Adding a Luxury Pool to Your Dream Home

A luxury swimming pool is an important feature of many people’s dream home. If you are adding an outdoor pool to your home, you have a lot of different pool design options to choose from, and many options contribute additional luxury to your home’s exterior. Our clients at TAB Associates can consider the following suggestions to find the right luxury swimming pool solutions for their homes:

luxury pool design
Source: TAB Associates
  • Working a pool in with landscaping– If you add landscaping to your yard when you have your pool put in, you can create an entire outdoor space that caters to the needs of your home’s residents and guests.
  • A pool and pergola– A patio surrounded by a pergola is an elegant place that can allow for relaxation after a swim.
  • Add a fountain– Water features such as fountains and waterfalls are great additions to a yard that complement a swimming pool.

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Tips for Designing the Perfect Luxury Master Bedroom

Those planning to give their bedrooms some new luxury master bedroom features might be interested in some ideas from TAB Associates. The following are just a few ways that you can add some luxury to your bedroom and give your bedroom an attractive new look:

luxury bathroom design
Source: TAB Associates
  • Regional flavor- Depending on where you live, you might find inspiration for bedroom decor in the style of your region. For example, a Southwest decor scheme could feature an adobe appearance, exposed wood beams, and arched windows.
  • Consider skylights- Lighting features have a significant influence over the look and mood of a room, and incorporating some unique or original lighting methods can add to a bedroom’s visual appeal. Skylights on a sloped ceiling are an interesting way to cast your room in a creative light.
  • Minimal furnishings- According to the 20th century architect Mies van der Rohe, “less is more”. You might find your bedroom to be more comfortable if you cut back on superfluous furniture pieces and decor accessories to allow for more open space and simplicity.

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Mixing Contemporary and Country Architecture

When designing a home, many people fall prey to the idea that they have to choose just one narrow style or design. You can actually create a more interesting and unique home by combining two styles. At TAB Associates, two styles that we love to blend together are contemporary and country. By blending architectural elements of both styles, we create homes that feel both relaxing and updated.

country and contemporary
Source: TAB Associates

Contemporary trends actually are quite easy to blend with country classics. Right now, the minimalist look is in style, so using plain brick or rustic wood siding looks both country-chic and fashionable.

Another way to approach blending these two styles is by building more modern homes in settings that would usually call for dwellings. Recently, we built a modern mountain chalet from rustic materials. It looks soothing and relaxing in the mountain setting, but the inside is spacious and open for modern appeal.

Sometimes it really is all about the materials. We have used board and batten siding, concrete floors, and natural wooden tubs in the past to blend country into the modern trends.

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What’s Hot In Luxury Home Architecture

Luxury home design trends are in constant flux. One day a certain material is hot, and the next day, everyone wants something different. Here’s a look at some of the hottest current luxury home trends, which we look forward to continue implementing in our designs.

luxury home design trends
  • Windows are certainly hot right now. The more windows in a room, the better. This is especially important if you have a lovely mountain view like many of our clients. We love floor-to-ceiling windows that make you feel immersed in nature.
  • Marble has been en vogue for a while, and it’s not going anywhere. From marble bathroom elements to luxurious kitchens, you can’t have too much of this beautiful stone.
  • Outdoor spaces are also all the rage in luxury home design. More people are spending time on their decks than ever before, so it’s becoming common to build decks with roofs. Luxury outdoor amenities like outdoor kitchens, hot tubs, built-in seating areas, and pools, are also increasing in popularity.

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Popular Building Materials for Luxury Homes

Homes can be made from hundreds of different materials, but some are certainly more popular in certain kinds of architecture than others. These luxury building materials are popular choices in our mountain homes and vacation dwellings.

luxury home building materials
Source: TAB Associates

Timber gives homes a very natural look, especially when it is roughly hewn. We love timber for country-style homes with views of the mountains. It fits right in and almost makes you feel like you are stepping back in time.

Lime and gypsum are commonly used to build luxury homes. These natural materials are used to construct masonry, and although the can carry a hefty price tag, they look very sophisticated in a luxury home.

High-alumina cement is an extremely strong type of cement that stands up better to wear and tear than most standard cements. This makes it a common choice for luxury homes, especially in areas where homes must be able to withstand harsh weather.

At TAB Associates, we make homes and buildings in a wide array of styles using a range of materials. If you’re interested in using a material in your home that you don’t see on this list, contact us directly to discuss your project’s needs.