Check Out These Architecture Trends for 2014 to Inspire Your Home

Looking for ideas on what architectural features to include in your new home? You might find inspiration from this year’s hottest trends.

2014 Interior Trends
Source: TAB Associates

These are a few of the top architectural design trends for 2014:

  • Home spa. Having a home spa or whirlpool bath installed gives you a place to relax after a hectic day. It makes your home feel more like a private retreat where you can shut out the rest of the world. More than half of new homes being built in the US include a whirlpool bath, and the home spa industry is on the rise.
  • Multifunctional kitchen. Kitchens are turning into central hubs in homes these days. They’re being used as a place to perform several other tasks besides cooking, such as studying or paying bills. Consider having your new kitchen set up in a way that accommodates this multipurpose trend.
  • Outdoor room. Using outdoor space as an extension of the home is a growing trend. Instead of a simple patio or deck, an entire room can be constructed with eco-friendly materials that can handle the elements.

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Building a Home? Why You Should Consider a Timber Structure

When having a home built, you have plenty of materials to choose from. If you’re looking for something that has a lot of aesthetic appeal and provides numerous benefits, timber is a great choice.

Building a home with Timber
Source: TAB Associates

Timber offers the following advantages when it comes to building design:

  • It saves energy. Unlike other building materials, such as glass or steel, wood provides a lot of insulation that helps keep in warm and cool air, which means you’ll have lower energy bills.
  • It’s eco-friendly. Wood might not seem like an environmentally-friendly choice if you’re picturing part of a forest being cut down to provide the timber for your home. However, there are several sustainable sources of timber available that don’t contribute to deforestation. Also, a wooden home lowers your carbon footprint because the timber absorbs carbon dioxide.
  • It’s more cost-effective and quicker to build with. Wooden homes can be constructed in a much shorter amount of time than homes made from concrete or other materials. This saves you a considerable amount of money on the cost of labor and the cost of materials.

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Let Us Work On Your Interiors: Kitchen Trends for 2014

If you’re a fan of warm tones or interesting colors in kitchens, then you’ll love this year’s trends. All-white designs are out and natural materials with bold designs are in.

2014 Kitchen Trends
Source: TAB Associates

Here are a few of the hottest kitchen trends for 2014:

  • Blue: This color might seem like an odd choice for a kitchen, but it’s becoming a popular one. Homeowners are choosing all different shades of blue, ranging from soft sky blues to bright turquoise and sophisticated navy tones. Blue is mainly making an appearance in tiles and cupboards, as well as decor items.
  • Eye-catching backsplashes: These areas above the stove or sink are really standing out, thanks to brightly colored splashbacks with bold patterns. These work well with kitchens that are mostly done in white or neutral colors since they create contrast.
  • Natural materials: Wood, stone, brick and other natural materials are giving kitchens some rustic appeal and creating a warm and welcoming environment. This trend also involves exposing older beams and structures, as well as adding new features.

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How Much Time Should You Plan for To Build Your Home?

Planning on having a home designed and built? Make sure you plan accordingly, especially when it comes to how long this process takes. The amount of time it takes depends on how your home is being built and where you live.

Home Building in Colorado
Source: TAB Associates

Building a home can take as little as five or six months from permit to completion if you live in certain parts of the country like the southern states that border the Atlantic Ocean, the Midwest, and the western states that do not border the Pacific, such as Idaho, Nevada and Montana.

Having a home built in Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee generally takes around seven months, while building a home along the west coast or in Alaska, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio usually takes an average of eight months. The northeastern region takes the longest time. Home building from Pennsylvania to Maine takes between nine and ten months.

If you hire a contractor to build your home, it typically takes about eight months to complete. When you handle the contracting duties yourself, it can take up to 11 months.

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Ideas for Building Your Outdoor Room for Future Summers

An outdoor room gives you a place to enjoy your natural surroundings while sitting in comfort. It can be so much more than a simple set of patio chairs and a table. When designing your outdoor room, don’t be afraid to get creative.

Creating an Outdoor Room
Source: TAB Associates

Use the following outdoor room design ideas to help you come up with the perfect setup for yours:

  • Focus on fun. Give your outdoor room a truly natural feel by using grass as the floor instead of wood or stone. Set out some rocking chairs and consider including a swing or two for a whimsical touch that kids and adults alike can enjoy.
  • Make it multifunctional. Instead of just focusing on seating, get more use out of your outdoor room by including a fireplace, big-screen TV, kitchen area, a dining table and chairs, and a counter with a row of bar stools. This makes the room a great spot for relaxing or entertaining.
  • Create an outdoor sleeping area. Turn your outdoor room into a place where you can enjoy sleeping under the stars in comfort on a suspended bed.

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Build a Cohesive Home by Coming Up With a Master Plan

If you want to build your dream home, having a master plan is crucial. With a master plan, you can create a cohesive home that has the right flow and style. When you’re working on planning a home, keep these tips in mind to ensure that every part fits in with your master plan:

Creating and Sticking to a Home Plan
Source: TAB Associates
  • Focus on what’s important. Start out by focusing on what you consider to be the most important parts of the project. You can base these on which projects are currently within your budget or which projects are the most urgent.
  • Keep the flow in mind. The overall flow or style of your home should remain consistent, which can be hard to do when you’re working on individual projects. Keep referring back to your master plan to ensure that any changes you make preserve that flow.
  • Consider your entire property. When deciding what to build, look at your entire property to determine what’s going to work. Don’t forget to consider factors like landscaping features, surrounding views, and drainage. Also consider water features, as they can add a dramatic effect to your home.

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