3 Wellness Trends in Architecture

3 Wellness Trends in Architecture

While architectural “sustainability” continues to be a driving force in protecting the planet, emerging trends have refocused on the occupants’ “wellness.” This is not to say these ideas are mutually exclusive. Sustainability and wellness are two sides of a well-balanced home or commercial building. Our Vail Valley, CO and Hendersonville, NC architectural firm delivers architectural balance that enhances wellness!

1. Life-Enhancing Rooms

Consider the trends of the 1950s when modern conveniences were all the rage. Although that may strike you as materialism, those trends had a certain wellness lining. Wellness was not as popular a catch-phrase in those days. However, advancements in stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and others reduced the workload of full- and part-time homemakers. That reality credited everyday people with more time for their wellness.

Living in today’s technology era, architecture has increasingly included smart technology, built-in coffee stations, and other lifestyle enhancements. Simply put, improved wellness is a byproduct of reduced in-home labor.

2.Rethinking Building Materials

The average consumer enjoys a heightened awareness of risky and toxic materials. From traces of asbestos to unsavory chemicals used in paints, waxes, and cleaners, homeowners are avoiding even an inkling of a health hazard. That’s an excellent wellness philosophy and one trending in the architectural discourse.

Today’s designs lean more toward natural materials such as hardwoods, stone, and bamboo, among others. Crafting buildings that are more connected with the natural world has become increasingly popular for health reasons.

3. Embracing Nature

Another trend that has been embraced is designing rooms that connect directly with nature. Open-air spaces are becoming popular among parents that want their children to get more fresh air. With this popularization, plant life is increasingly being incorporated into architectural designs. It’s no longer uncommon to see indoor gardens, a living tree, or a home that strategically employs skylights and full-wall windows for the purposes of growing plants and bringing the outside in.

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Allow TAB Associates to Upgrade Your Home Office

Our architects are experts at designing office spaces that work with you, rather than against you, by integrating these and other design ideas.
Our architects are experts at designing office spaces that work with you, rather than against you, by integrating these and other design ideas.

Upgrading your home office can increase your productivity and make you more comfortable in your workspace. Our architects are experts at designing office spaces that work with you, rather than against you, by integrating these and other design ideas:

  • A good home office offers plenty of space, so clients can take a seat if they stop by for a visit.
  • When placing the furniture in the room, it’s essential to consider workflow. Do you move from the computer to a writing desk often? If so, the pathway between the two should be open. Do you frequently grab books of a bookshelf? Then, making that shelf easily accessible is essential.
  • Forget about bland, boring colors, and paint your home office a color that you find relaxing and inspiring. You’ll be more creative in a space with lively color. Try seafoam green, orange, or even cobalt blue.
  • Place your office in a space where there’s a great view out the window. Sometimes, you need to stare into a beautiful outdoor space to give your ideas time to develop and to give your eyes a rest.

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Trends In Architecture to Watch for In the Future

The world of architecture is constantly evolving, and keeping track of new developments helps you take the best out of the trends that come and go. What’s new for 2014? TAB Associates offers the following information on four architecture trends that are expected to become prominent as the year progresses.

TAB Associates Green Projects
Source: TAB Associates
  • Greater attention from the public regarding large-scale construction projects- Members of the public are increasingly likely to take an active role in managing and deciding on large scale building projects that have a strong impact on the urban landscape and local economy.
  • Off-the-grid on the urban scene– Although going “off-the-grid” used to be associated with living out of town, even urban dwellers are attempting to avoid a dependence on the grid for power.
  • De-emphasizing vehicle traffic– Across the country, more and more commuters try to get where they need to be via public transport.
  • Affordable low-rise and mid-rise housing– Instead of towering high-rise residential structures, urban dwellers increasingly prefer approachable, low/mid-rise housing.

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Take Care of the Environments by Building These Green Features Into Your Home

Building an environmentally-friendly home preserves nature, lowers your energy bills, and results in a happier, healthier home environment for you and your family. If you’re building a new home, it’s important to do your research about green building before you settle on plans. Follow these tips for a greener, more eco-friendly home.

Green Building in Colorado
Source: TAB Associates


  • Choose the right doors and windows. Those that allow warmth to escape are not very energy-efficient. Front doors without windows, especially when made with eco-friendly materials, are the most energy efficient choice. Also, make sure you choose Energy Star certified windows.
  • Pay close attention to your siding choices. Some siding materials like PVC vinyl release toxins and are not biodegradable. Stucco and wood are greener choices, and aluminum siding is also quite green.
  • Consider using renewable energy sources to heat and cool your home. This can include installing solar panels, which capture the sun’s energy and convert it to heat. If solar panels are not an option, heat with natural gas. It’s not renewable, but there are very efficient natural gas heaters available.

If you’re thinking of building a new home, contact TAB Associates to discuss your plans and find out how we make green home design easier.

Building a Home? Why You Should Consider a Timber Structure

When having a home built, you have plenty of materials to choose from. If you’re looking for something that has a lot of aesthetic appeal and provides numerous benefits, timber is a great choice.

Building a home with Timber
Source: TAB Associates

Timber offers the following advantages when it comes to building design:

  • It saves energy. Unlike other building materials, such as glass or steel, wood provides a lot of insulation that helps keep in warm and cool air, which means you’ll have lower energy bills.
  • It’s eco-friendly. Wood might not seem like an environmentally-friendly choice if you’re picturing part of a forest being cut down to provide the timber for your home. However, there are several sustainable sources of timber available that don’t contribute to deforestation. Also, a wooden home lowers your carbon footprint because the timber absorbs carbon dioxide.
  • It’s more cost-effective and quicker to build with. Wooden homes can be constructed in a much shorter amount of time than homes made from concrete or other materials. This saves you a considerable amount of money on the cost of labor and the cost of materials.

Check out our portfolio if you are interested in seeing examples of homes made from timberContact us at TAB Associates to start your new home build today!

How Can 3D Printing Help You Design Your Home?

Home design could take on an entirely new look, thanks to 3D printing. Although using this technology for designing a home is in the very early stages, a few designers have already come up with some cutting-edge architectural concepts.

How 3D printing affects home building
Source: Shutterstock

3D printing has been in the news a lot in recent years. This type of printing would allow a variety of items and materials to be printed for a wide range of purposes. As far as using it to design and build homes, that’s a long way off. However, some designers have been experimenting with the possibilities that this technology provides.

These designs don’t resemble the types of residences we’re used to, though. Part of adopting this approach would include either modifying them into more typical homes or getting people used to living in these very different home models. For now, the excitement over this technology is due to the freedom it gives architects to come up with new and very different home designs. It could also be used to create models of traditional homes to make it easier for people to decide what they want.

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The Latest Lighting Trends for your Home or Business

Selecting lighting is a major decision when updating a home or office. With the many innovation choices in lighting and light sources available, homeowners and business owners have a plethora to choose from when it comes to assorted styles and sizes.

The Latest Lighting Trends for your Home or Business
Source: TAB Associates

For 2013, lighting trends focus on several areas of home decor, from color to energy efficient bulbs. The main trend for lighting is the finish with this year focused on polished nickel and chrome.

Energy efficiency is also a focus. Along with a decrease in any electric bill, halogen, xenon, fluorescent and LED lights provide more luminescence and efficiency than incandescent bulbs.

Recessed and track lighting primarily in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room and family room are current trends. Track lighting offers flexibility in movement while recessed lighting adds a soft ambiance.

Light fixtures are abundant and designers want to make a statement with unique pieces such as chandeliers. The intricate and ornate design makes them a piece of artwork worthy of use in any room, including the kitchen.

Trends say standard lighting with no pizzazz in the kitchen is a no-go. Incorporate LED lights in dark areas.

TAB Associates has provided expert design and quality construction services for over 30 years. Whenever it’s time to redesign your home, call on TAB’s professional architects to fully outfit your home in style.

Custom Home Building Trends for 2013

Balancing space with modern luxuries is still a designing challenge in 2013.
Balancing space with modern luxuries is still a designing challenge in 2013.

Like most things in our day-to-day lives, current trends tend to play a role in our choices. For the 2013 season, several trends are leading the way in home design. Some trends are for space savers while others focus on convenience, technology and energy efficiency.

Space: Homes with a basement or a lower level offer the option of an additional room for adults, teens or children. The extra space is ideal as a place to entertain family or friends, set up a complete home theater and entertainment center, design a game room or create an exercise and weight room.

Formal dining rooms are being replaced and redesigned to use the space in a more productive way versus using the same space once in a while for special occasions. This adds more value to a room that can commonly go unnoticed until holidays or large gatherings.

Convenience: Creating a family work area, or resource area, in other words, near the kitchen provides a place to work whether it’s for school, business or the home. Work can be done without being isolated from the family.

Designing technology-friendly homes using multiple applications from an advanced cell phone to handle electronics, appliances, security and lighting is on the rise.

Energy: Current trends lean towards energy efficiency using geothermal heating and LED lighting.

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What Are the Latest Trends In Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures?

At TAB Associates, part of our philosophy is to bring the very best to our clients, and that includes presenting the very latest innovative bathroom plumbing fixtures.

What Are the Latest Trends In Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures?
Form and function are married in 2013’s latest bathroom plumbing fixtures.

When it comes to bathroom plumbing, function is extremely important, but that doesn’t mean that form has to be sacrificed. To this end, we’ve noted the latest trends which are about a successful marriage of the two key aspects of plumbing fixtures — form and function. Here are the top three trends we’ve seen developing this year:

  • Freestanding bathtubs. Not only is this a triumph of design for spatial use, it’s sheer practical elegance.
  • High-functioning showerheads. This trend poses that the more a showerhead can do, the better. Intense massage, rain shower drenches, and pulses are just the beginning for a pleasant shower experience.
  • Touch-sensitive faucets. You no longer have to worry about shutting off the faucet with wet hands; simply touch the faucet anywhere on the Delta Touch20®, and you can keep your faucet clean while shutting off the water.

We believe that the most innovative bathroom plumbing fixtures, however, are what our clients want to see in their own custom designed buildings, and we assist based not only upon what’s trendy or popular, but what works best for the individual’s needs.

To learn more about how TAB Associates can help meet your architecture and planning needs, call us at 970.766.1470.

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What to Expect at the AIA 2013 National Convention

Every discipline and study, typically, has a board of highly-trained professionals and members of academia that set base standards for the practice; Architecture is one of them. The upcoming AIA National Convention will be offering an array of informative keynote speakers, tours, and educational seminars.

Colin Powell will round out AIA 2013 with a speech on leadership.
Colin Powell will round out AIA 2013 with a speech on leadership and facing challenges.

If you’ve been wondering who will be gracing the stage at this year’s AIA National Convention, here is a brief preview of a few of the speakers and seminars to expect.

Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS, is the opening keynote speaker who will address entrepreneurial leadership focusing on humanitarianism. His concept of giving a pair of shoes to in-need children for every pair of his brand sold turned from a singular concept to a global movement.

Cameron Sinclair will speak about the architectural profession, as a whole, and how those in the profession can make a difference by taking on global projects and ensuring the results have a long-lasting and positive effect on the future.

Leadership will be the focus of General Colin Powell in the closing keynote speech. General Powell will reflect on the challenges and benefits of being a leader.

Guests will have access to approximately 160 seminars to choose from as well as preconvention workshops and self-guided educational tours.

Staying current with trending styles in modern architecture is an on-going responsibility of architects. Such is the case with the team at TAB Associates, Inc. whose goal is to always be in the forefront with the latest information available regarding trends in Colorado architecture as well as providing up-to-date options for planning and interior designs.