TAB Associates, Inc. is The Architectural Balance.  We provide balance within design, programming, site planning, balance between architecture and construction, and construction cost and budget.  Providing comprehensive professional service to our clients is our mission.  Tab Bonidy is the founder and President of TAB Associates, Inc.  Tab has been a nationally certified Architect for the past 28 years and has been working in the field for over 35 years. Tab has been responsible for the architecture of over $500 million worth of construction during his career. He has been involved with mountain architecture for the past 19 years.  Starting in Miami, Florida and soon thereafter relocating to Evergreen, Colorado, he has spent the last 19 years here in the Vail Valley.  Within the Valley, Tab has been responsible for a range of architecture from single family residences, multi-story, multi-family slope side condominium complexes to commercial and educational projects, including various resort projects for Vail Resorts Development Company.


Our professional design team consists of graduate professionals with a wide range of experience.  The team currently totals three employees including one principal hailing from across the country.  With this variety, comes a varying collection of design ideas and expressions.  This compliments our ability to understand our client’s desires.


TAB Associates, Inc. is dedicated to serving our clients’ every need.  We provide architecture, planning, and interior professional design services.


We understand architecture, but we also strive to understand our clients’ desires.  Architecture is unlike other professions because clients know what they like.  We believe it is our duty to design for our clients and not for ourselves.  We know that an Architects’ worst enemy is his ego and his best ally is his ability to combine his clients’ needs, artistic expression, and construction technology.


Some Architects have many awards. To receive an award, an Architect has to submit a project for consideration. Some firms have an entire department assigned to this task. Our philosophy concludes that these awards are just to bolster the Architect’s ego. We would rather put that energy into our clients’ projects.


Architecture is a balance of ideas, requirements, and financial guidelines.  We strive to provide:

Balance in design,

Balance between design and program,

Balance between design and construction,

Balance between construction cost and budget.

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