5 Simple Ways To Bring Nature Indoors


Bringing the outdoors into your home design is an ideal way to show off your love for nature. Outdoor-themed home elements are particularly appealing during those long winter months when you’re stuck indoors. Here are five simple ways to work alongside your architects on using nature as design inspiration.

Go Overboard with the Greenery

Keep it real with live plants and trees found within your home. There is not a single room within a home that can’t benefit from a potted plant or fresh flowers in a vase. If you have enough open space, take this idea to the next level and use oversized planters to grow a tree or two within your home.

Get Inspired with Natural Materials

Shop organic when it comes to choosing textiles for your furniture and décor pieces. Think wicker baskets, linen couches, hemp area rugs and flax lampshades. For a bolder natural look, choose a talking piece like a stone basin in the bathroom.

Use Light to Your Advantage

Adding plenty of natural light to your home can make you feel as if you’re outdoors even when you’re in the comfort of your own home. When designing your rooms select floor to ceiling windows, bay windows and skylights for the most natural light.

Natural Flooring

Natural materials are becoming increasingly popular when outfitting homes. Choices include wood, bamboo and cork. Many of the materials are minimally treated to maintain their natural beauty.

White and Ivory Décor for the Beach side home

Whites are often found in nature-inspired décor items. Ivory cabinetry and furniture are popular choices for those looking to have a beach-themed space. White décor items such as shells, starfish and coral can be added to enhance the aesthetic. Green and blue splashes of color can create a contrast with the décor.

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What’s Trending In Residential Architecture?


When developing ideas and models that embrace new concepts in residential architecture, there are a number of things to consider. Trends make a tremendous impact when attempting to achieve architectural balance. Following these trends, while being true to timeless design is key. Here are a few that make a difference in design, following what the modern homebuyer may look for.

New Trends to Achieve Architectural Balance

  • Kitchens

While kitchens have always been a centerpiece of the home, today’s kitchens are more expansive and offer many more amenities that cater to making this a place of cooking, gathering and comfort. Smart appliances and spaces that offer high-tech convenience, such as hidden charging stations and alerts when refrigerated items are low, are becoming everyday staples.  Also, adding a sitting area just off the Kitchen is advisable if it is not already part of the Living Room creating a “Great Room.”  We typically put a fireplace in this ancillary room to the Kitchen creating a “Hearth” room.


  • Open concept

Having one big space that serves as a canvas is truly a designer’s delight. These spaces allow the removal of walls, blending multiple living spaces together. This helps create functionality on how the homeowner envisions their place to be. This also helps with modern and minimalistic designs.

  • Sustainable design

Building your home with green products or implementing a standard where the building’s functions and fixtures all give back to the environment continues to be a growing trend.

  • Spa facilities

Today’s bathroom is nothing like the past. They are equipped to be fully functional spa retreats, complete with outside showers (in certain environments, although we have done one here in Colorado), steam rooms, whirlpools and more. Heated flooring, soak tubs and sustainable materials that bring the outside in for a more relaxed appeal are all high on the priority list in trendy modern design.

Modern  architects will take these trends into account while designing a home, implementing timeless features that accommodate any interior design needs. Utilizing the expertise of full-service architects can make all the difference in look, feel and functionality.

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