Trends In Architecture to Watch for In the Future

The world of architecture is constantly evolving, and keeping track of new developments helps you take the best out of the trends that come and go. What’s new for 2014? TAB Associates offers the following information on four architecture trends that are expected to become prominent as the year progresses.

TAB Associates Green Projects
Source: TAB Associates
  • Greater attention from the public regarding large-scale construction projects- Members of the public are increasingly likely to take an active role in managing and deciding on large scale building projects that have a strong impact on the urban landscape and local economy.
  • Off-the-grid on the urban scene– Although going “off-the-grid” used to be associated with living out of town, even urban dwellers are attempting to avoid a dependence on the grid for power.
  • De-emphasizing vehicle traffic– Across the country, more and more commuters try to get where they need to be via public transport.
  • Affordable low-rise and mid-rise housing– Instead of towering high-rise residential structures, urban dwellers increasingly prefer approachable, low/mid-rise housing.

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Aligning a Custom Home With the View Outside

If your home is on a beautiful piece of property, or if you can see lovely scenery of the mountains from your plot, it’s essential that this view can be enjoyed from the inside of the home. Our architects are experts are designing homes to capitalize on the view of the outdoors. There are many different ways to do this, and a good way to decide which styles you prefer is to look at examples:

A home that we designed in Avon, Colorado offers a beautiful view of Beaver Creek and Game Creek. Set in the mountains, its master bedroom faces the Gorge Range for a spectacular view.

This duplex in Wildridge offers a design that showcases the elevation. The duplex is built in contour with the slope of the land, and large windows make it easy to look out into the mountains.

This home in Red Sky Ranch is another one of our masterpieces, offering beautiful views of the Gore Mountain Range from the dining room and living room. The design of the living space perfectly frames the mountain views as the deck reaches out into the landscape seamlessly bringing the outside in.

Contact TAB Associates to discuss your custom home design, including a the importance of a view, with our qualified architects.  We study your site with the views in the forefront of importance.  We use a topographical program to verify views surveyed on site and study them in both plan and section.  In this way, the windows of the home frame the views and do not cut off the tops of the mountains from anywhere in the home.

For more information on the art and science of capturing dynamite views, click here.

Trending Home Styles: What Makes a Craftsman House?

Craftsman homes have risen in popularity due to their classic trending home styles, contemporary charm, and the overall warmth these homes exude. Whether you’d like to build a Craftsman house or include elements in your home design, check out our guide below on trending home styles characteristic of Craftsman homes.

craftsman style home
Source: TAB Associates Inc.
  • Hipped Roof. Hipped Roof Craftsman homes are a rare gem. Complement a hipped roof with a slightly arched porch entryway. You can also incorporate a hipped roof into the attic of a two-story home.
  • Eclectic blends. If you’re set on a Craftsman home, but also love elements of other styles, opt for an eclectic blend. Embellish key Craftsman features such as a prominent porch and rafter tails with characteristics of your other favorite styles.
  • Gabled homes. Gables are among the most prominent characteristics of Craftsman homes. Within the Craftsman design, Craftsman style homes use front, side or cross-gables.

For more inspiration, consider craftsman designs from our portfolio. Craftsman houses blend perfectly into the Colorado mountains.

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Bring Beauty Into the Home with Stone

There is no denying the beauty of stacked stone walls. Used for both the interior and exterior, the subtle colors and expressive texture of the stone create a visual and expressive design.

Stacked stone is unique in its 3-dimensional composition. Expressive stones of various colors and textures are created as modules, attached to backing and can be installed much like tiles. There is no need to grout dry stacked stones which results in smooth, uninterrupted lines.

building with stone

The uses and locations for stacked stone is limitless when creating or redesigning a specific area. The modules make a dramatic backdrop to focal points in the home such as a fireplace or a kitchen stove surround. The stones also serve as a stand alone accent wall to enhance the texture of decorative accessories emphasizing wood, glass or metal fixtures.

Used to create a wall in a luxury bath, stacked stones add an element of relaxation and serenity when coupled with soothing hues from the palette.

From bold stone columns to colored stones that reflect the golden glints from the sunlight, stacked stones add the finishing touch to any design.

Clients can rely on the more than 30 years of experience at TAB Associates, Inc to design and construct projects on time and on budget.

TAB Spotlight: The Catlin Residence

One of the projects that we here at TAB Associates have completed with pride is the Catlin Residence in Bachelor Gulch. Situated on a ski-in, ski-out lot, the 10,000 square foot house has breathtaking views of the mountains.

mountain home builder
Source: TAB Associates’ Official Website

With eight bedrooms, eight full baths, two half-baths, there are plenty of spaces in this open floor plan to enjoy, yet still maintain privacy throughout. The exterior features a heated in-ground pool and spa, fire pit, and water feature, and gas heat from overhead on most decks allows for outdoor activities in cool weather.

The interior boasts a wine room, hearth room, ski room in addition to the standard rooms in homes. The family room hosts a built-in bar, pool table, and large sitting area. Because of the open floor plan, it’s an ideal place for entertaining guests.

Unlike many homes in Bachelor Gulch which house the Master Bed suite on the Main Level, the Catlin Residence has its Master Suite including Master Living, Master Kitchen and Master Study in the Penthouse location with commanding views of the Gore Range and Beaver Creek Ski Mountain.  In this way, the couple has every thing they need on their own level of the home up and away from the rest of this spectacular home.

The Catlin Residence is just one of our many home construction projects that demonstrates presenting what our clients want in an aesthetically pleasing manner, and helping to make each residence a dream home come true.


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Get to Know the Minds Behind TAB Associates, Inc.

Get to Know the Minds Behind TAB Associates, Inc.
TAB Associates has a group of dedicated architects who will strive to make your vision a reality.

How often do you get the chance to know your architects in Colorado? Not often enough, says TAB Associates; and not knowing your architects can lead to not getting the quality and style you want in a custom-built home.

We at TAB Associates are changing that with our architects in Colorado, one architect at a time.

In a recent interview with Tab Bonidy, president and owner of TAB Associates, he suggested that one of the most important aspects to providing superior service was putting aside the architect’s ego, so that the clients are free to express what they want most in their custom-built homes or log cabins. This comes from an architect who has a masters in environmental planning from Arizona State University, from their solar energy planning and technology program, with over 30 years experience in the industry.

It doesn’t stop there, either — both Greg Macik and Warner Hopkins bring their experience to building dream homes for clients, and remove their egos from the process, ensuring all of our clients get exactly what they desire, and what they think will be most pleasing to live in.  This doesn’t mean our clients do not get our own expertise, just in a suggestive form.  We always say, “It is your home, not ours, it is our job to give you what you want.”

Here at TAB Associates, we dedicate ourselves to making your dreams a reality, and a comfortable one, at that.

Image courtesy of TAB Associates 

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An Interview With Tab Bonidy

colorado architects, vail architects
Tab Bonidy, owner of TAB Associates, Inc. Source:

We had a chance to interview Tab Bonidy, owner of the Colorado architecture firm, TAB Associates, Inc. and ask him a few questions about his history with architecture and where he thinks the future of the industry is heading. Take a look:

What made you want to become an architect?
I wanted to become an architect since I was 10 years old.  I had a private art teacher when I was ten and I designed a home.  Ever since then, that is all I wanted to do.

What goes on a day-to-day basis in an architect’s life?
Working on projects is the day to day business.  Also, trying to find more work these days is quite important.

What is your favorite aspect about being an architect? 
The creative side of solving a client’s desires is my favorite aspect of being an architect.  So I would say it is Conceptual Design which is the beginning of a project, although I very much enjoy detailing a project which comes towards the end.

What is your favorite structure/building/piece of architecture and why?
I guess I would say log homes because of their difficulty, but really anything complex, even like a complex steel structure is fun to design.

What is your most memorable piece of architecture that you have personally worked on? 
I would have to say either the Cook Residence, the Catlin Residence or the Thomas Residence.  They were all challenging sites which is where our job starts and they were all great clients to work for and with together.

What’s your favorite thing about being a business owner?
I would have to say that getting to do things my way.  Also, providing a great place to work is very important.

What makes TAB Associates successful?
I believe it is because we really listen to our clients desires.  We put our ego aside and design for our clients.  We start with a good program and design the concept on the site with all of its amenities right in front of us.  We make the process fun for our clients and they are a part of every step of the way.  In this way, they know exactly why things are the way they turn out because they are an integral part of the process.

Where do you see the architecture industry heading in the next 5 years?
I can only hope it will get more busy, but that will take a major change in Washington DC.  We need to restore our Country back to being a prosperous nation.  This will take some deregulation and us becoming energy independent.

Source: Tab Associates

Current TAB Project: Avery Parsons Elementary School Addition

At TAB Associates, our Colorado architects don’t just provide people with the plans for the home of their dreams, we offer institutional dream projects, too.

Current TAB Project: Avery Parsons Elementary School Addition
TAB Associate is currently in the process of expanding the Avery Parsons Elementary School.

One of our current projects we’re working on is the Avery Parsons Elementary School addition. This school, located in Buena Vista, is adding on a wing for pre-kindergarten through second grade. This will replace the pre-kindergarten’s separate building.

One of the best parts is that though the design and features of the 17,800 square-foot addition will be similar to the 1997 structure, the day-lighting scheme will be different. This a great enhancement over the current structure, which is subtle enough so that it flows well with what is already standing. The teachers should not even need the electric lighting in their classrooms which will be automatically adjusted by daylight sensors.

Additionally, we will be adding a bit of site work, designing and implementing a new playground and pre-kindergarten playground. Possible additional funding may be provided by Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO).

If you’ve got a project you’d like to see come true, our Colorado architects can help with every step of the process. Please contact us at 970-766-1470.

TAB Associates Resort Spotlight: McCoy Peak Lodge

TAB Associates Resort Spotlight: McCoy Peak Lodge
McCoy Peak Lodge is a prime example of one of TAB’s past resort projects.

Colorado offers beautiful landscapes and numerous outdoor activities during spring and summer seasons, spectacular scenery during the fall and challenging snow covered mountain slopes in the winter. These reasons, alone, make resort architecture in Colorado a competitive business as more and more visitors make their way to the to the state to enjoy extraordinary vacations, weekend getaways or as a retirement destinations.

McCoy Peak Lodge is a fine example of the type of outstanding architecture that draws visitors to Colorado. The 160,000 sq. ft. lodge is family-friendly with 36 luxury condominium units, underground parking and stunning views.

Tab Bonidy utilized his 16 years of experience to capture the essence of what a luxury resort should entail in design, construction and budget while optimizing the mountain landscape of Beaver Creek. The project exemplifies Tab’s ability to create a vision with a positive impact while keeping all elements of the project in balance.

When the best in design, creativity and architectural balance is needed to develop a complete plan for a luxury resort from start to finish, contact TAB Associates, Inc. and let the experienced architects be the visionaries of your next project.