Aligning a Custom Home With the View Outside

If your home is on a beautiful piece of property, or if you can see lovely scenery of the mountains from your plot, it’s essential that this view can be enjoyed from the inside of the home. Our architects are experts are designing homes to capitalize on the view of the outdoors. There are many different ways to do this, and a good way to decide which styles you prefer is to look at examples:

A home that we designed in Avon, Colorado offers a beautiful view of Beaver Creek and Game Creek. Set in the mountains, its master bedroom faces the Gorge Range for a spectacular view.

This duplex in Wildridge offers a design that showcases the elevation. The duplex is built in contour with the slope of the land, and large windows make it easy to look out into the mountains.

This home in Red Sky Ranch is another one of our masterpieces, offering beautiful views of the Gore Mountain Range from the dining room and living room. The design of the living space perfectly frames the mountain views as the deck reaches out into the landscape seamlessly bringing the outside in.

Contact TAB Associates to discuss your custom home design, including a the importance of a view, with our qualified architects.  We study your site with the views in the forefront of importance.  We use a topographical program to verify views surveyed on site and study them in both plan and section.  In this way, the windows of the home frame the views and do not cut off the tops of the mountains from anywhere in the home.

For more information on the art and science of capturing dynamite views, click here.

Architecture Inspiration: Elements of Ranch Style

Ranches are often thought of as simple, one-story homes, but they can be much more than that. Ranch style homes are typically longer than other single-story homes, such as Cape Cod houses. Although they’re usually only one level, some can be raised ranches, also known as split-level homes.

These are a couple common characteristics of these homes:

  • Plenty of windows. Rooms in ranches don’t benefit from sunlight the way second-floor rooms do, but you can still maximize the amount of natural light you get by having several windows put in. Also, these windows can include transoms to get light deep into the lower level.  You can choose from a variety of styles and have a portico with clerestory windows installed for even more light.
  • Eye-catching entrance. The entrance for a ranch home can be done in a number of ways to boost curb appeal. It might not have a large porch or the impressive height of a two-story house, so it’s important to make the most of the entrance. Dress yours up with side lites or a walkway with a bench and garden.
  • Ranch homes are great for first-time homebuyers or those looking to for simple living.  Click here for a style guide for ranch homes and a pros and cons to assist home buyers in making the right decision.

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Elements of Architecture: the Tudor Style Home

It’s been a long time, but the Tudor dynasty is still going strong and can be seen in neighborhoods across America. Originating in the 1600’s, the architectural styles of the Tudor home still exude a sense of elegant refinement.

tudor home style
Source: Tab Associates’ Website
  • The Tudor home stands out with its exposed beams, white stucco walls, and either stone or brick facades supporting the structure. Steep rooflines and dormer windows highlight the outside appearance to create a genuinely classy home.
  • Tudor homes are also well known for their incorporation of casement windows and elegant chimneys that provide unique accents and decoration to the home. However, it is the entryway that is the most often noticed feature as it is often arched and embellished with medieval-appearing hardware and hinges that make you feel as if you are entering a castle.
  • Finishing the look is of course the landscaping that often incorporates simple brick or stone patios beneath tall trees that provide a perfect place for relaxation and entertaining guests on a lazy afternoon.

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