Add Rustic Touches to Your Kitchen

A kitchen should feel warm and welcoming. A few rustic touches can go a long way towards ensuring your kitchen has a welcoming appeal. Consider these simple rustic touches for your kitchen design:

  • Include an open-air set of hooks in your kitchen design, and use it to hang your pots and pans. Copper pans, especially, have a very rustic appeal.
  • A fireplace adds instant warmth, both literally and figuratively, to your kitchen. You can even use it for roasting marshmallows on cool winter nights.
  • You can add rustic appeal to almost any set of cabinets by choosing antique brass hardware. Choose matching antique brass water faucets and light fixtures to create a unified look.
  • Stone is a natural material that adds rustic appeal when used to make a fireplace, an archway, or even a heat-resistant wall behind your range.
  • Add a vintage accessory here and there to carry the rustic appeal through the room. Old tins, older wall hangings, and other items from a local antique store are perfect choices.

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Let Us Work On Your Interiors: Kitchen Trends for 2014

If you’re a fan of warm tones or interesting colors in kitchens, then you’ll love this year’s trends. All-white designs are out and natural materials with bold designs are in.

2014 Kitchen Trends
Source: TAB Associates

Here are a few of the hottest kitchen trends for 2014:

  • Blue: This color might seem like an odd choice for a kitchen, but it’s becoming a popular one. Homeowners are choosing all different shades of blue, ranging from soft sky blues to bright turquoise and sophisticated navy tones. Blue is mainly making an appearance in tiles and cupboards, as well as decor items.
  • Eye-catching backsplashes: These areas above the stove or sink are really standing out, thanks to brightly colored splashbacks with bold patterns. These work well with kitchens that are mostly done in white or neutral colors since they create contrast.
  • Natural materials: Wood, stone, brick and other natural materials are giving kitchens some rustic appeal and creating a warm and welcoming environment. This trend also involves exposing older beams and structures, as well as adding new features.

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