Refining the Look of Your Log Home

Darker floors, neutral colors, and having large focal point pieces can help to compliment the rustic qualities of your home.

There’s nothing more comfortable and cozy than a log home. However, while the style of a log home will certainly provide an inviting and comfortable atmosphere on its own, you’ll want to decorate it in a way that compliments its rustic qualities for a balanced interior design. The following are a few rustic design tips for your log home:

  • Design darker floors – Add some contrast to your wood log walls and ceiling by staining the floor a darker brown. This helps add a sophisticated balance in addition to providing some visual weight to the space.
  • Use neutral colors – Neutral colors throughout your interior will help create a more cohesive overall look. Gray palettes tend to calm down interiors and help modernize your design a little bit in addition to softening your interior.
  • Large focal point pieces – If you have tall ceilings, which many log homes do, consider hanging a big light fixture that stands up to the scale of the room. A big art piece can also help create a focal point and add visual interest.

Use these decorating tips to design your log home. For more advice on enhancing your log home design, contact us at TAB Associates today.

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