Modernist Architectural Trends: Portals

One of the most stunning architectural trends that is popping up in homes across the country is portals. Put simply, portals are exterior elements, such as walls and floors, that extend past the exterior walls of the home to encapsulate pockets or frames.

A large portal may consist of floors, walls and ceilings that extend past an exterior wall to create a sort of porch for residents to spend time on. In some cases, a large portal may wrap around the corner of a home, creating substantial outdoor living space.

Portals can also be integrated as balconies. A middle floor can be extended, along with a roof, to create a projection of an upper floor. Add a railing, and you have a comfortable outdoor space.

Of course, some portals are small. A little wooden portal on the back of a home can serve as a miniature garden, where you can house potted plants and a few patio chairs. Extending just the floor and walls, but not the roof, results in an open-air design.

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