4 Modern Nursery Design Ideas for New Parents

Designing a nursery can be exciting, albeit a little stressful of a job. It is a space that calls for some style, playfulness, and that perfect dose of calm. It is, after all, going to be your little one’s first room, and any space that welcomes them into this world should be warm, inviting and simply wonderful. Apart from that, it also needs to be functional for all those late-night feedings and nappy changes. Here are a few design ideas that will help you create a nursery that anyone would fall in love with:

Have fun with color

When planning a nursery, you can never go wrong with bright, cheerful colors. While pink and blue are the traditional nursery colors, it does not mean that you cannot go for something else. Yellow, green, orange, lavender, and purple are some great gender-neutral hues that can easily inject a fun energy into your newborn’s living space. It may not seem it but picking certain colors can invoke certain responses from children. For instance, yellow sparks their intellectual response.

Choose furniture pieces that offer long-term use

You invest so much in buying the perfect furniture for your baby’s room, so it is only right that you get to use them for a long time. It may be tempting to buy that tiny, adorable bassinet-sized crib now but how long before you have to swap it our for a bigger bed for your toddler? Similarly, instead of getting both a dresser as well as a changing table, get only the former because you will have more use for it in the future.

Smart storage

Babies may be tiny little humans, but they sure have a lot of stuff! And if you want to have any chance of creating an organized nursery, you must pay special attention to storage. Starting from clothes and toys to diapers, you must have designated areas for everything. In addition to dressers or closets, you can also double up on the nursery storage with other creative solutions such as cribs with underneath storage, built-in shelves on the walls, and more.

Minimalism is always a winner

A nursery design trend that is becoming incredibly popular today is minimalism. Clean and simple nurseries give off that sweet yet sleek vibe and embrace both form & functionality. The best part is that such designs lend beautifully even for grown-up spaces, making it easier for the nursery to transition into a toddler or tween’s room.

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