Light Wood vs Dark Wood in Your Home

Light wood, dark wood or somewhere in between — which is best for your home? The answer really depends on the character you’re trying to achieve in your space. Here’s a look at a few factors to consider as you make your decision.

Lighter Wood

Light wood is a good choice if you really want the detail of the wood to call attention to itself. It’s easier to see the grain of light wood, and thus it often looks more natural.

You’ll want to choose light wood if your room does not have a lot of windows to let natural light shine in, since it opens up the space. You can use dark colors as accents without creating a dungeon-like effect.

Dark Wood

Only use dark wood in rooms that get plenty of natural light. Ensure you pair it with light-colored walls so the room doesn’t feel too closed-off.

Dark wood is often used in conjunction with pale cream cabinets in a kitchen, or with white walls in a living or dining room.

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