The Genesis of Today’s Rustic Aesthetic

Log cabins, farmhouses, and country cottages — they’re coming back today with a more modern twist. Rustic designs are increasing in popularity, but where do their beginnings lie?

Cabin homes, made mostly from natural lumber, were originally built by stacking notched logs. The logs tended to warp and expand over time, so early settlers would seal them together with a mixture of mud or clay, mixed with straw.

Cottages can be traced back to several origins. Early cottages were built along beaches in America and in Victorian England. The features they shared were bright, airy interiors, small size, and clapboard siding. Often vacation homes, cottages were designed for seasonal use.

Farmhouses were usually constructed from a variety of natural materials — whatever was available at the time. Wide plank flooring, fieldstone fire places, and roughly hewn ceiling beams were elements still used in farmhouses today. Farmhouses had big porches as these originally served as places to kick boots off and enjoy a view of the fields.

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