Is a Retrofit Right for You?

A retrofit can be a great way to improve an older home, adding amenities and custom features that increase everything from its resale value to its functionality. However, in some cases, it might actually be better to choose the new construction avenue, especially if the structure is energy deficient. We’ll look at the major factors to consider and how to approach the problem should you decide a retrofit is right for you.

Why Retrofits Are Popular

For the most part, you’re usually better off choosing a retrofit. Retrofits tend to give renovators more options because they can work within the existing infrastructure. It’s also the more cost-efficient option because it doesn’t require extensive replacement of the available systems.

Costs and Maintenance

Before you decide whether a retrofit is right for you though, you need to consider what it would take to bring the property up to code. Single-family homes are typically straightforward, but if you owned a duplex or larger property, the cost comparison might be closer than you think. If the structure needs a lot of work to meet modern-day standards, the process of retrofitting is potentially more expensive than starting from scratch. In addition, keep in mind that if you retrofit one area, such as the kitchen, it might make maintenance more expensive for the rest of the home.

Vail Valley and Western North Carolina Architects

If you’re searching for an architectural firm in Vail Valley or western North Carolina, it’s likely because you have a relatively big project to take on. Experts recommend approaching it one step at a time to get a sense of how each retrofit is benefitting the entire property. It helps to find someone who can take a closer look at the building and devise a plan for it. If you need help deciding where and how to retrofit your home, call TAB Associates today. Whether you need a more modern kitchen or a total redo, we’re here to find the best path forward.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Your bathroom is one of the main areas of your home that boosts its value overall, so it’s good to make updates to it from time to time. If you’ve been thinking of doing a bathroom remodel, making a few eco-friendly changes could improve your home’s value even more. Keep the following bathroom remodeling ideas in mind for a more eco-friendly home.

Eco-Friendly Fixtures

If you’re planning on replacing the plumbing fixtures in your bathroom, such as your toilet, choose ones that are environmentally friendly. Consider getting a toilet that uses a much lower amount of water for flushing, which helps cut down on your household’s water usage. You can also look into getting a dual flush toilet that gives you the option to choose a lower or heavier setting for water flow. For sinks, consider getting low-flow faucets. These fixtures use considerably less water than standard faucets. We do not suggest using low flow shower heads because you will not enjoy your showering experience.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

If your bathroom remodeling plans include upgrading your lighting, make the switch to energy-efficient lights. LED lighting fixtures for bathrooms provide plenty of light while also reducing the amount of energy you use. Another option is to have motion-sensor bathroom lights installed that turn on when you enter the room and shut off when you leave. Proper placement of these motion-sensor switches is imperative or you will have the lighting going off while you are still using the bathroom. Energy-efficient bathroom lights are available in a wide range of styles, including overhead lights and wall sconce lights.

Sustainable Flooring

If you’re thinking of having a new floor put into your bathroom, consider sustainable materials rather than traditional ones. Bamboo and hardwood that are responsibly sourced are a couple of options to consider. If you prefer something other than wood for your bathroom due to moisture concerns, look into other sustainable options, such as ceramic tiles.

If you’re interested in making changes or upgrades to your bathroom, please contact our Vail Valley and western North Carolina architects for more information. We can help you get started on your bathroom remodeling project.

Quick Curb Appeal Tips for Sellers

Getting your house up on the market can be a stressful process. Moving into your newly built TAB Associates home is exciting, but the uncertainty of selling your old property can drive you crazy. Fortunately, you can give yourself an advantage by making sure your home has a ton of curb appeal. Here’s a look at why it matters, and how to catch buyers’ eyes:

What is Curb Appeal?

And how much of a difference can a first impression make?

  • Simply put, curb appeal is how attractive your property is from the sidewalk.
  • Since most online listings start with a curbside photo, it can make or break your buyer interest.
  • Moreover, higher curb appeal can raise your property value significantly.


Curb appeal often comes down to great landscaping:

Facade DIYs

These projects are easy to tackle and make a big difference:

As a seller, you want buyers enamored with your property from the very first look. Curb appeal gives buyers the first impression you want. Keep these resources on hand so you can make sure you nail it.

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By Emma Croft

The Benefits of Better Architectural Balance

Architectural balance refers to the features of a structure and how they relate to one another. For some buildings, that might mean creating total symmetry. For others, the balance is found in an asymmetry that still manages to achieve cohesion. We’ll look at the benefits of this approach and how it contributes to homes that people can’t wait to enter.

Highlights Your Attention

With better architectural balance, your eye is drawn toward the best parts of the home. While you might be taking in the whole of the building, especially in the case of one that’s symmetrical, your attention might be pulled toward the bright door or interesting design of the roof. These details are excellent for leaving a lasting impression. Instead of diminishing the rest of the building, the key details manage to elevate it.

Stirs Interest

Some homes are easy to pass us by, while others cause us to pause and look at the structure. These moments are brought upon by the lines, shapes, and harmony the property manages to strike. Even those without an eye for architecture will be fascinated by the rhythm of the building. From the sequences to continuity, talented architects are known to play with shapes in such a way that will give people a sight to absorb rather than avoid.

Adds Character

The character of a home has a lot to do with its curb appeal, which is why architectural balance can play such an important role in building; not just a single home but whole communities. The more personality a building has, the more likely it is to withstand the test of time.

If you’re looking for someone who will make architectural balance a priority, Vail Valley and Western North Carolina architects are available to help you get the look you want. TAB Associates provides a number of interior design and architectural services to residents of Vail Valley and Western North Carolina, so give us a call today!

4 Things To Be Mindful Of When Choosing A Flooring Option For Your Living Space

When it comes to home décor, most people tend to keep the flooring finish for the end. Nonetheless, it’s a fact that the ambiance of any living space draws a lot from the type of flooring. An array of factors dictate your flooring choice such as budget and lifestyle. A plethora of options exists to choose from- mosaic, stone and wood flooring to name a few. Sometimes you find yourself so spoiled for options that it becomes a little overwhelming to make the right choice. Therefore getting a professional opinion is recommended. Colorado and North Carolina home owners looking for the best architects, you have come to the right place. So, welcome!

3 Smart Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Homeowners leave no stone unturned when it comes to interior design that could make a space look bigger, especially a bedroom. If you, too, are on the hunt for some smart bedroom designs, then you have reached your destination! Here, we have revealed a few secrets that deftly fool the eyes and make a room appear spacious and splendid than it actually is. Read them below!

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Establishing the Perfect Indoor Lighting for Your Home

Architects in Vail Valley and Western North Carolina know that lighting should complement the interior of the home and its overall design. However, the task of providing adequate illumination for task fulfillment while maintaining ambient mood lighting is a task best left to the professionals. With a keen sense of scale and size, the experts offer these tips for establishing lighting that truly defines the space and brings balance to the setting.

Designing Each Room with Lighting in Mind

Your Vail Valley, Colorado and Western North Carolina architectural firm is likely to sit down with you for a discussion about your lifestyle and day-to-day needs. This helps them ideate each room with your vision in mind while making sure the lighting is adequate.

For relaxing zones like a living room one might choose adjustable lighting or multiple sources to suit any situation while opting for skylights that bring natural brilliance in during the daytime. Spreading the light around makes the difference, so make the light count!

Let the Focal Points Shine

Homeowners who want to draw guests’ eye to certain focal points in the home should talk to their home design team about establishing lighting to achieve the final goal. In a living room or hallway, picture display lights on walls, drop down pendants or angled recessed lighting can put just the right light on every situation. Special art lighting can illuminate the art and nothing else, visually popping it off the wall.

Customize Lighting Controls

Thanks to the innovations amid technology, we have more control than ever before over what is happening in our homes—even when we aren’t there. Dimmers, motion detectors and other settings for lights can be customized to activate when you want them to via an app if you invest in ‘smart’ lighting. These often connect to the home’s security system, so integration during construction is ideal, and that’s a task your Vail Valley and Western North Carolina architects will be happy to include in the design plans!

Let the Experts Ensure Lighting Success

When you have the professionals at Vail Valley and Western North Carolina architects at TAB Associates on your design team, you’ll always have a clear vision of where your construction project is headed. Reach out to us today for more information!

What to Look for in an Architectural Firm

Vail Valley and the Smokies are a great place for new construction. Whether you want the most beautiful new home imaginable or you’re investing in something commercial, these are regions where opportunity is vast. In order to make your project a success, you’re going to need help, and that means investigating architectural firms. There are several points you want to consider in your search. Great firms will have a focal point, such as an architectural balance, but all of those considerations come after the big three.

The Portfolio of Past Success

This is the obvious place to start. A firm’s portfolio allows you to look directly at the work they have already done. You can judge for yourself how you like the designs and decisions made. Are you a fan of the aesthetic? Is there anything that captures and holds your attention? Do the designs fulfill practical needs? When you ask these questions while browsing a firm’s portfolio, you can quickly decide if you want to work with them or not.

The Architects Doing the Designs

It might seem redundant, but you need to see that the architects who did the work you like are available for your project. A firm can commit to principles of architectural balance and provide consistency, but the work is ultimately done by an architect — not the whole firm. If there is someone you like, you have to fight to make sure they are running your project.

The Contractors Working With Your Architect

Ultimately, architects don’t build anything. That’s the work of contractors. Most architecture firms have preferred contractors, but it is smart for you to investigate them. You can get an idea of how often they are on schedule and within budget. If you really want to know how a build will go, this is the most important point to check.

Since you’re looking for Vail Valley and Smokies architects, contact TAB Associates Inc.! We’ll discuss your plans and help you design something amazing.

How To Make Your Home Energy-Efficient?

When it comes to building a dream house, every homeowner thinks of ways to live more comfortably, save money, and reduce their carbon footprint. Fortunately, we live in an era where technology and innovation are dominating the world of architecture. These smart technologies, when incorporated smartly into homes, make it easier for us to live efficiently.

Despite incredible innovations, many homeowners are not enjoying the benefits of going green because they’re not sure where to start.

If you’re building a new home or thinking about renovating your house, hire professional architects who are able to help you improve your house’s energy efficiency. To make the decision easier for you, we’ve shared some smart tips on home improvement in this post!

Take the advantage of the Sun
The orientation of your house should use sun rays to maximize the amount of natural daylight. The placement of your house depends on the design and also the climate where you’re building in. You can ask your architect for advice on how you should build your house to get the best results.

Maximize the insulation
To cut on heating and cooling costs, consider insulating your house. This provides resistance to heat loss or gain, depending on your climate. There are plenty of insulation materials – from rock wool and natural fibers to sleek foils and rigid foam boards, as well as spray foam – that you can consider for insulation. Not only does a properly insulated house save on utility costs but also keeps your family more comfortable!

Install proper doors and windows
To maintain the efficiency of proper daylighting, you would need to invest in proper doors and windows. You may also consider investing in quality window films for existing windows and doors, that prevent harmful sunlight from damaging your valuables and overheating your space. These sheets can block the sun if needed for the winter chills, so the proper film for the climate is crucial.  Proper overhangs are the first and most important step.

To know more about making your home energy efficient, get in touch with TAB Associates to hire professional architects in Edwards Colorado and Western North Carolina!

TAB Associates – Creating Beauty Through Architectural Balance

Balance is found throughout much of nature, where the yin and yang of ecosystems, ebbs and flows of water, and symmetry of plants all create and enhance beauty. In architecture, balance also plays an important role in creating beautiful structures. This is the core philosophy on which the philosophy of architectural balance is developed.

Creating Balance Within Structures

Architectural balance is a design philosophy that focuses on maintaining equilibrium across a structure. This may be symmetry in some cases, with certain phases in architectural history certainly prioritizing symmetry. Balance doesn’t necessarily have to be symmetrical, however.

For example, a maple leaf in nature is beautiful in part because it is symmetrical. A brook that meanders down through passages in rock and dirt can also be beautiful, even though such a brook is virtually never perfectly symmetrical. Its twists and turns create balance rather than symmetry.

Similarly, structures with perfectly symmetrical facades may look nice — but so too can something with different elements that are situated to create overall balance. Doors, windows, porches and entryways don’t have to be exactly the same.

Lending Freedom to Architectural Expression

This type of architectural philosophy is effective in two distinct ways.

First, balance allows architects and building designers more freedom of expression within a building’s design. When elements don’t have to be exactly identical, there are more ways to orient a structure’s design.

Second, balance also helps ensure all elements of a building’s design are noticed. When no one side overpowers the other, the entire ensemble of architectural elements can be appreciated.

Design a Building with Balance

At TAB Associates, we’re a Vail Valley and Western North Carolina architectural firm that specializes in this type of design. For help creating a beautiful building or structure that showcases balance, contact us to discuss your project!