Why Views Are So Important From a View Lot

By Brenda Stuart


If you’re going to build a home in the Colorado Rockies, you know it’s not just the skiing that brings people here. It’s also the view – the beauty of the rugged Rockies. Showing off those soaring peaks and the wild blue sky doesn’t happen by accident. A view lot means your house design features large and purposefully placed windows to display the beauty of nature year-round. It is just one part of a design philosophy that embraces the topography and marries your indoor and outdoor spaces.


The ups and downs of the Colorado Rockies make them a gorgeous place to create a building that combines the domestic with the untamed outdoors. A topographical surveyor starts by shooting desired views on site. Also, the undesired views should be shot, too.  From there, the vision of the design takes shape. The architect is first informed by the mountains and the sky, the light and the seasons, before creating a design that will become a home.

A view lot house plan should include vaulted ceilings and room for large windows. It should also have room for a wrap-around deck or patio so visitors will be able to enjoy the scenery while enjoying an evening outdoors.  Some of these decks should be covered to allow for all seasons use.

The Landscape up Close

The peaks of the Colorado Rockies are important, but so are the details surrounding the home and lot. You don’t want the largest windows facing the traffic along I-70 or the neighbor’s hot tub.  These are the undesired views.  Other buildings, trees, large rocks, or other significant features can have a tremendous influence on the view. A home with life-sized picture or large windows that faces the woods will increase the property value. The value rises even more if the surrounding woods are home to wildlife and native plants.

Once the architect designs the home for those optimal views, it’s important to create a landscape that’s pleasant to look at and practical. Surrounding the home with deer-resistant landscaping is also essential, so nature lovers don’t end up cursing the animals they enjoy watching.

A topographical surveyor brings all of this information to the architect and builders, who then create the perfect views without sacrificing privacy. Most developers also take note of the zoning laws that could affect the property value. You want to make sure the city doesn’t suddenly decide to erect a large building that could one day obstruct the view of the mountains.  This can be important because views are not protected by law.


The view is so important from a view lot, because it’s the basis of the entire design, no matter if you prefer mountain rustic, mid-century modern, or any other architectural style. Another important factor? Light and air. Colorado’s governor recently signed legislation protecting the night sky view. Homeowners can now enjoy watching the Perseid meteor showers without light pollution, but it’s up to designers to create a landscape that protects stargazers from the strong mountain winds.

The Colorado Rockies lifestyle is about blending a stylish indoor space with the incredible views of the outdoors in this corner of the world. Beginning with the daytime and nighttime views is crucial to making a design become a home truly in tune with the environment.

Watching a sunrise or sunset from the comfort of a mountain home or from a well-placed patio or deck doesn’t happen by accident. In a place filled with natural beauty and wonder like Colorado, designing a home with majestic views seems easy. However, there is much more to it than meets the eye, and that begins with deciding which fantastic views and what prominent windows will come together in the initial layout.

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Brenda Stuart is a freelance writer and radio news broadcaster in Denver. When she’s not traveling around Colorado, she’s writing about her latest adventures.

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