Eagle Valley High School

Over the past year, one of the projects I have been working on has been the Construction Administration for the Addition and Renovation of the Eagle Valley High School in Gypsum Colorado. While the school was never closed due to construction, we are in the middle of the final summer push before school resumes for the 2018-2019 school year!

The school went through the demolition of an older section to make room for a new two story science wing and an adjacent courtyard.

The Autoshop class was relocated offsite and the Autoshop building was removed to make room for the additional parking needed for a larger student population.

There is an entirely new building which has a little bit of everything, from a lecture hall to culinary classrooms to a CNA training room. The school is collaborating with the local community college, Colorado Mountain College, for some of these classes.

This is all in addition to extensive renovations to the locker rooms, office administration, and the library.

For me there is a great sense of accomplishment when collaborating with the local schools as you are helping to shape the learning environments of the future generations and perhaps working where my kids will someday attend!

-Warner Hopkins

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