Check Out the Latest Built-In Refrigerators from Sub-Zero

Check Out the Latest Built-In Refrigerators from Sub-Zero
Built-In refrigerators provide a seamless quality to any modern kitchen.

When our clients are looking for innovative kitchen appliances, we’ve noticed they turn to Sub-Zero for their needs. In fact, Sub-Zero is the popular brand for those who are building their ideal gourmet kitchen. It’s easy to see why, with all the choices they have for built-in refrigerators. Here are our top three favorites:

  • The BI-48SID Side-by-Side: This is the perfect solution for people who love to have ice and chilled water at their fingertips, but don’t like the appearance of having it on the outside of the refrigerator. Sub-Zero is the first in the industry to put the on-demand system inside the refrigerator.
  • The 736TR All Refrigerator: If you want your kitchen decor to have a seamless look, opt for this model because it has two distinct temperature zones and integrates with your cabinetry.

At TAB Associates, we do all kinds of projects using these and more innovative kitchen appliances, tailored to meet the needs of our clients. If you’ve got a project you’d like to get started, or have questions, please take a moment to visit us.

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