Unique Features to Incorporate Into Your Home

To create a home that truly embodies you, architects incorporate unique features that make your home specially suited to your lifestyle.

unique home design elements

Check out some distinctive architectural features below that  add character to home design:

  • Layering. In larger spaces architects use the layering technique to bring the scale down to the space. Floating walls and columns divide large empty rooms into zoned ends and beginnings.
  • Rotations. Rotating squares and rectangles by 45 to 90 degrees creates a distinguished exterior visual that adds emphasis to your home’s architectural design.
  • Bridges. You don’t need a giant properties for a bridge. A bridge could connect dry land across a water body, such as a pool, backyard pond or front yard water feature. In addition to serving as a physical connector, a bridge is a forceful visual transition from two exterior areas or two interior areas.
  • Solar Panels. A growing class of super-efficient homes rely either completely or partially on natural resources for heating and cooling. Solar panels are not a highly-attractive element of home design, but can be a unique design feature as well as providing energy to the home.
  • Natural light. Capturing natural light adds warmth to the home and energizes the space.

Would you like to find out which unique architectural elements are well-suited to your home design? Contact us at TAB Associates.

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