Modern Trends in Mountain Homes: Home Position


Modern Trends in Mountain Homes: Home Position
Positioning of a home can determine the amount of openness and light of the household.

TAB Associates has its finger on the pulse of mountain home trends. People are increasingly dissatisfied with the classic and claustrophobic ‘boxy room’ set up, and are looking for more creative, open spaces to utilize throughout the house.

One of the advantages of building a custom home in Colorado is that there is gorgeous scenery and abundant sunshine year round. This makes for open floor plans, which are already trending, more sensible for the Colorado home. One way to keep this space open is by combining a ‘total living area’ — an open floor plan that utilizes dining and living in one, then opens up to the kitchen.

The kitchen is the “heart” of the home. Big windows and other pieces finish off the design perfectly, allowing a great deal of light in, as well as the feel of ‘being in nature.’  We provide the windows and God provides the ‘art’.

When it comes to knowing mountain home trends, and how to customize a home to keep clients happy, TAB Associates has the experience and expertise to create a home that’s not only trendy but long-lasting and beautiful.

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