Add Rustic Touches to Your Kitchen

ideas for a rustic kitchen
Try some of these helpful deisng tips to transform your kitchen into a rustic space! Source: Simon Howden via

A kitchen should feel warm and welcoming. A few rustic touches can go a long way towards ensuring your kitchen has a welcoming appeal. Consider these simple rustic touches for your kitchen design:

  • Include an open-air set of hooks in your kitchen design, and use it to hang your pots and pans. Copper pans, especially, have a very rustic appeal.
  • A fireplace adds instant warmth, both literally and figuratively, to your kitchen. You can even use it for roasting marshmallows on cool winter nights.
  • You can add rustic appeal to almost any set of cabinets by choosing antique brass hardware. Choose matching antique brass water faucets and light fixtures to create a unified look.
  • Stone is a natural material that adds rustic appeal when used to make a fireplace, an archway, or even a heat-resistant wall behind your range.
  • Add a vintage accessory here and there to carry the rustic appeal through the room. Old tins, older wall hangings, and other items from a local antique store are perfect choices.

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TVs and Fireplaces are a Terrific Combination

living room decorating tips
Take a look at ways you can incorporate both a TV and fireplace in your living room! Source: Alvimann via

When you think of focal points in a living room, two items come to mind most often — TVs and fireplaces. You don’t necessarily have to choose between them. Here are some ways work TV and fireplace combinations into your decor.

  • When designing your fireplace, have a frame designed above it in the same style and color as the fireplace. It can even be a continuous unit. Mount the television inside the frame, and you have a beautiful display.
  • In an artistic, modern living room, try placing both the fireplace and the television on an otherwise blank wall. Offset them so that the TV is on one side, while the fireplace is on the other.
  • Center a stone backdrop along a long wall in your living room. Build a fireplace into one side of the backdrop, and a television cubby into the other side of it.
  • Choose a fireplace and a television that are the same shape and size. Mount a shelf on the wall directly above the fireplace. Above it, mount the television.
  • Another way to mount a TV above a fireplace is to hide it behind a piece of art on a lift.  When the TV is turned on the art lift activates and slides up the wall above the TV.  this takes care of those that hate a TV in the Living Room, but know it is a logical place for one.

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Allow TAB Associates to Upgrade Your Home Office

Our architects are experts at designing office spaces that work with you, rather than against you, by integrating these and other design ideas.
Our architects are experts at designing office spaces that work with you, rather than against you, by integrating these and other design ideas.

Upgrading your home office can increase your productivity and make you more comfortable in your workspace. Our architects are experts at designing office spaces that work with you, rather than against you, by integrating these and other design ideas:

  • A good home office offers plenty of space, so clients can take a seat if they stop by for a visit.
  • When placing the furniture in the room, it’s essential to consider workflow. Do you move from the computer to a writing desk often? If so, the pathway between the two should be open. Do you frequently grab books of a bookshelf? Then, making that shelf easily accessible is essential.
  • Forget about bland, boring colors, and paint your home office a color that you find relaxing and inspiring. You’ll be more creative in a space with lively color. Try seafoam green, orange, or even cobalt blue.
  • Place your office in a space where there’s a great view out the window. Sometimes, you need to stare into a beautiful outdoor space to give your ideas time to develop and to give your eyes a rest.

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Top Reasons to Hire An Architect For Your Next Project

Since a home is more than the sum of its parts, an architect is needed to make sure that structural choices will not cause harm elsewhere in the home.
Since a home is more than the sum of its parts, an architect is needed to make sure that structural choices will not cause harm elsewhere in the home.

Construction is a complicated and time-consuming endeavor, meaning that both skill and experience are needed to keep mistakes to a minimum. Since even small mistakes in either building or renovating a home can result in significant expenses, the services of an architect are more necessities than luxuries.

Consider these reasons to hire an architect:

  • Architects possess a more comprehensive set of skills than designers. This makes them particularly well-suited to both more unusual and more challenging tasks.
  • A home is more than the sum of its parts. This is problematic because a change in one part can cause further changes in other parts of the home. An architect is needed to make sure that structural choices will not cause harm elsewhere in the home.
  • The neglect of even seemingly unimportant details can lead to serious problems down the road. Hire an architect if you want attention to the details.
  • Over time, architects accrue both connections and experience working with other experts in the construction industry. These connections ensure that the construction process will flow that much more smoothly for their clients.

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Advice On Hiring an Architect to Make Your Dream Home Come True

If you are thinking of remodeling your home, there’s one step you simply cannot skip — hiring an architect. Those who hire architects to design their homes or help design their remodels are consistently pleased with their results. Here’s why:

architects in vail CO
Source: TAB Associates
  • Someone will need to coordinate the various construction professionals who come together to work on your home. Who better than an architect, who thoroughly understands the ins and outs of your home design?
  • There’s a lot of paperwork  associated with building or remodeling a home. Satisfying building codes and meeting structural demands are not tasks to be undertaken by a novice. Your architect can ensure that these needs are met, and that the resulting structure is also attractive.
  • Architects are trained to see the big picture. You might think that brass doorknobs look good with anything, but your architect will be able to point out potential flaws in ideas like this before you waste your money on designs that don’t turn out to be as amazing as you’d hoped.

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2014 Architectural Trends

When designing your new home, it’s important to consider not just classic designs and structures, but also modern trends. Here’s a look at some of the hottest architectural trends for 2014, some of which you may want to incorporate into your design.

designing a flex room
Source: TAB Associates

Flex Rooms – Flex rooms are rooms that can have a number of uses. For instance, you could use a room as a dining room when you have guests over, and a library during other hours of the day. All you need to make it happen is some ornate bookshelves, a beautiful table, and the right layout.

Health-Conscious Materials – Hypoallergenic materials and materials that don’t release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air are becoming increasingly popular. Wood stains, paints, and synthetic materials are being disregarded in favor of natural materials like wood and stone.

Innovative Storage Spaces – From drawers that pull out of the staircase, to cubbies hiding behind bookshelves, architects are creating clever ways to stash your items out of sight.

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Tips for Building a Cabin Home

Whether you plan to use it as a vacation home or as your primary dwelling, a log cabin home can create feelings of comfort and warmth. Use these tips when building a cabin home that’s perfect for your family.

building a log cabin
Source: TAB Associates
  • Don’t overlook the importance of log selection. All wood is not created equal. The better the logs you use to construct your cabin, the more attractive it will be and the longer it will last.
  • Remember to account for the settling of the wood when planning keyways, slip joints, and window installations.
  • Wiring a log home is not exactly like wiring a traditional drywall home. Hire an electrician who has experience working with log cabins for best results.
  • Get off to the right start with the right buildings plans. Work with an experienced architect to design a custom cabin, or purchase pre-made plans.
  • Remember that building codes may specific what you can and cannot do with your cabin’s structure. If you work with an architect who has experience building cabins, he or she should be familiar with these restrictions.

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Ideas for Building in the Charming Rustic Cabin Style

Rustic cabins are quaint, charming, and homey. If you’re thinking of having your own cabin built, either as a retreat or a primary home, keep these ideas in mind as you plan your floor plan and architectural design:

cabin style decor
Source: TAB Associates
  • Open lofts are the perfect complement to a rustic cabin home. You can use your loft as an extra bedroom, a relaxing library, or even a TV room.
  • While wood is the traditional choice for cabins, remember that you can work stone into your design. A beautiful stone chimney can make your cabin seem even cozier.
  • Cabins are places for families to spend time together. An open floor plan makes this easier, promoting conversation and interaction.
  • You’ll want to spend plenty of time relaxing outside when you’re at your cabin for a retreat. A spacious, wrap-around porch makes this possible.
  • Incorporate plenty of rustic wood into your interior to maintain the cabin-look indoors.
  • No cabin is complete without a beautiful mantle to display family heirlooms and treasures. Rustic brick and stone are great materials for your fireplace and mantel.

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Ideas for Adding a Luxury Pool to Your Dream Home

A luxury swimming pool is an important feature of many people’s dream home. If you are adding an outdoor pool to your home, you have a lot of different pool design options to choose from, and many options contribute additional luxury to your home’s exterior. Our clients at TAB Associates can consider the following suggestions to find the right luxury swimming pool solutions for their homes:

luxury pool design
Source: TAB Associates
  • Working a pool in with landscaping– If you add landscaping to your yard when you have your pool put in, you can create an entire outdoor space that caters to the needs of your home’s residents and guests.
  • A pool and pergola– A patio surrounded by a pergola is an elegant place that can allow for relaxation after a swim.
  • Add a fountain– Water features such as fountains and waterfalls are great additions to a yard that complement a swimming pool.

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Tips for Designing the Perfect Luxury Master Bedroom

Those planning to give their bedrooms some new luxury master bedroom features might be interested in some ideas from TAB Associates. The following are just a few ways that you can add some luxury to your bedroom and give your bedroom an attractive new look:

luxury bathroom design
Source: TAB Associates
  • Regional flavor- Depending on where you live, you might find inspiration for bedroom decor in the style of your region. For example, a Southwest decor scheme could feature an adobe appearance, exposed wood beams, and arched windows.
  • Consider skylights- Lighting features have a significant influence over the look and mood of a room, and incorporating some unique or original lighting methods can add to a bedroom’s visual appeal. Skylights on a sloped ceiling are an interesting way to cast your room in a creative light.
  • Minimal furnishings- According to the 20th century architect Mies van der Rohe, “less is more”. You might find your bedroom to be more comfortable if you cut back on superfluous furniture pieces and decor accessories to allow for more open space and simplicity.

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