Artist Spotlight: JD Challenger

Artist Spotlight: JD Challenger
A vast majority of JD Challenger’s work centers on Native peoples from Oklahoma.

We feature many American artists here at TAB Associates, and one of our favorites is JD Challenger.

JD Challenger goes beyond most western artists by painting Native Americans and Native motifs, not just from his perspective, but from the history and stories of the many indigenous cultures. Not only is his work beautiful, it is done with respect and empathy.

Raised in Oklahoma, JD was close to his ‘step-father,’ a full-blood Choctaw, who helped shape his views on respect for Native culture, as well as influence much of his later work. From there, JD began to tell the stories and histories of many different tribes, bands, and nations. His heart and soul is put into every colorful brush stroke and vivid piece.

If you would like to purchase a commissioned piece, please take a moment to view his works and then contact him at 888-751-4677.

At TAB Associates, we believe that American artists add to the beauty of homes, just like a good architectural design does. JD Challenger is one artist who puts a great deal of emotion and feeling into his work, telling stories from the rich history of the indigenous American peoples.

Fine Artist Spotlight: Nancy Cawdrey

Fine Artist Spotlight: Nancy Cawdrey
Nancy Cawdrey is popular known for her artistic works featuring the American West.

The spirit of the American West is alive and well today, embodied in the work of American artists such as the fine artist Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey.

Cawdrey brings a great deal of life into her work, dealing with all kinds of media — oils, acrylics, silk, watercolors, pastels, and mixed media — within her scope. Her most popular works include her western and western landscape pieces, done in vivid detail that makes each piece come alive to the viewer.

Currently, Nancy’s favorite media is dye on silk, as it brings out the richest colors, and her theme is Painting The West On Silk. Her love of creating fine art started 35 years ago, and her love of the West began 22 years ago with her move to Bigfork on Fox Creek Slough near Flathead Lake in Montana. She often visits the Southwest, as well, to inspire her work, and paints on-site rather than from memory.

TAB Associates has a great appreciation for American artists whose work embodies the spirit of the American West, and we believe that Cawdrey is one of the finest artists to represent that embodiment.

Fine Art Spotlight: Carrie Fell

A refreshing inspiration to the world of art can be found in the artwork by Carrie Fell. Her attention to expressive details complimented by a harmony  of colors evoke thought provoking and visually appealing pieces that satisfy both the mind and spirit.

Fine Art Spotlight: Carrie Fell
Inspire yourself with the artwork of Carrie Fell.

Fell’s Wisdom Bringers collection is a prime example of her focus and ability to tap into the history of the west and bring the elements of nature along with the spirit of the people and wisdom of the animals that made, and still make, our journey one of meaning.

In her artwork, you will see strong influences of Native Americans, western cattle ranchers and cowboys, landscapes, horses and buffaloes in an original and imaginative manner that present themselves clearly to the observer. Each piece speaks volumes without being garish or overdone and sends a message of peace, serenity and understanding.

To see a sampling of Fell’s work, visit for a preview of originals and limited editions available for purchase.

If you are planning to upgrade or renovate your home or office or redo the interior to reflect a newly acquired piece of artwork, consider using the architectural services of TAB Associates, Inc. whose professional staff will turn your vision into a stunning reality.