Tips for Building a Cabin Home

Whether you plan to use it as a vacation home or as your primary dwelling, a log cabin home can create feelings of comfort and warmth. Use these tips when building a cabin home that’s perfect for your family.

building a log cabin
Source: TAB Associates
  • Don’t overlook the importance of log selection. All wood is not created equal. The better the logs you use to construct your cabin, the more attractive it will be and the longer it will last.
  • Remember to account for the settling of the wood when planning keyways, slip joints, and window installations.
  • Wiring a log home is not exactly like wiring a traditional drywall home. Hire an electrician who has experience working with log cabins for best results.
  • Get off to the right start with the right buildings plans. Work with an experienced architect to design a custom cabin, or purchase pre-made plans.
  • Remember that building codes may specific what you can and cannot do with your cabin’s structure. If you work with an architect who has experience building cabins, he or she should be familiar with these restrictions.

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How To Build A Fire Pit For Your Yard

On cool fall and spring nights, sitting around a campfire with family and friends is incredibly relaxing. Having a fire pit in your backyard is sure to prove worthwhile, time and time again. Follow these simple tips when building a firepit.

outdoor firepit
Source: TAB Associates


  • Choose a site that’s located far from buildings and trees. Make sure the ground is level for easy building.
  • Check your local building codes. Some require that the fire pit is surrounded with sand or gravel.
  • Design your pit. Traditionally, they are cylindrical, and about 2 feet tall with a 5-foot diameter. However, you can make a bigger or smaller pit depending on your needs.
  • Dig the ground out and create a concrete foundation for your fire pit. You’ll also need to create a drainage area in the center.
  • When the foundation is formed and dry, lay the stones. If using natural stones, you may need to chisel them slightly to create attractive shapes. Seal them together with mortar, smooth it out, and seal it. You’re done!

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Ideas for Building in the Charming Rustic Cabin Style

Rustic cabins are quaint, charming, and homey. If you’re thinking of having your own cabin built, either as a retreat or a primary home, keep these ideas in mind as you plan your floor plan and architectural design:

cabin style decor
Source: TAB Associates
  • Open lofts are the perfect complement to a rustic cabin home. You can use your loft as an extra bedroom, a relaxing library, or even a TV room.
  • While wood is the traditional choice for cabins, remember that you can work stone into your design. A beautiful stone chimney can make your cabin seem even cozier.
  • Cabins are places for families to spend time together. An open floor plan makes this easier, promoting conversation and interaction.
  • You’ll want to spend plenty of time relaxing outside when you’re at your cabin for a retreat. A spacious, wrap-around porch makes this possible.
  • Incorporate plenty of rustic wood into your interior to maintain the cabin-look indoors.
  • No cabin is complete without a beautiful mantle to display family heirlooms and treasures. Rustic brick and stone are great materials for your fireplace and mantel.

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Ideas for Adding a Luxury Pool to Your Dream Home

A luxury swimming pool is an important feature of many people’s dream home. If you are adding an outdoor pool to your home, you have a lot of different pool design options to choose from, and many options contribute additional luxury to your home’s exterior. Our clients at TAB Associates can consider the following suggestions to find the right luxury swimming pool solutions for their homes:

luxury pool design
Source: TAB Associates
  • Working a pool in with landscaping– If you add landscaping to your yard when you have your pool put in, you can create an entire outdoor space that caters to the needs of your home’s residents and guests.
  • A pool and pergola– A patio surrounded by a pergola is an elegant place that can allow for relaxation after a swim.
  • Add a fountain– Water features such as fountains and waterfalls are great additions to a yard that complement a swimming pool.

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Tips for Designing the Perfect Luxury Master Bedroom

Those planning to give their bedrooms some new luxury master bedroom features might be interested in some ideas from TAB Associates. The following are just a few ways that you can add some luxury to your bedroom and give your bedroom an attractive new look:

luxury bathroom design
Source: TAB Associates
  • Regional flavor- Depending on where you live, you might find inspiration for bedroom decor in the style of your region. For example, a Southwest decor scheme could feature an adobe appearance, exposed wood beams, and arched windows.
  • Consider skylights- Lighting features have a significant influence over the look and mood of a room, and incorporating some unique or original lighting methods can add to a bedroom’s visual appeal. Skylights on a sloped ceiling are an interesting way to cast your room in a creative light.
  • Minimal furnishings- According to the 20th century architect Mies van der Rohe, “less is more”. You might find your bedroom to be more comfortable if you cut back on superfluous furniture pieces and decor accessories to allow for more open space and simplicity.

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Mixing Contemporary and Country Architecture

When designing a home, many people fall prey to the idea that they have to choose just one narrow style or design. You can actually create a more interesting and unique home by combining two styles. At TAB Associates, two styles that we love to blend together are contemporary and country. By blending architectural elements of both styles, we create homes that feel both relaxing and updated.

country and contemporary
Source: TAB Associates

Contemporary trends actually are quite easy to blend with country classics. Right now, the minimalist look is in style, so using plain brick or rustic wood siding looks both country-chic and fashionable.

Another way to approach blending these two styles is by building more modern homes in settings that would usually call for dwellings. Recently, we built a modern mountain chalet from rustic materials. It looks soothing and relaxing in the mountain setting, but the inside is spacious and open for modern appeal.

Sometimes it really is all about the materials. We have used board and batten siding, concrete floors, and natural wooden tubs in the past to blend country into the modern trends.

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The Secret to a Great Home Is a Great Design Process

When it comes to designing a home, good planning leads to good design. Consider our steps below to start your home design process off right.

House planning tips
Source: TAB Associates
House planning tips
Source: TAB Associates
  • Personal planning. When designing a home, don’t immediately run to design books to find out what you need. The home design process begins with you. Consider what things you would like to see in your home, including size and types of rooms. A good starting point is thinking about what was missing from your previous residence.  This will help you develop a good program.  We take the program and develop a conceptual design on the site.  We are 3 dimensional puzzle builders.
  • Room design. Room design is a fundamental part of the home and where a majority of time will be spent. For example, would you like lounge space built into the bedrooms or would your prefer a different room in which to relax? Such considerations will significantly alter the home’s presentation.
  • Topography.Considering the landscape of your home and its environment is important. Many homeowners want to avoid the cost of a land surveyor, but the land analysis proves to be indispensable when determining how you can build upon the land and which direction you are likely to face external elements.  Also the views need to be shot on the survey so they can be properly incorporated into the design.  We always design on the site so the home blends into the site appropriately.

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Get to Know the Modern Version of the Mountain Chalet

If your ideal home design gives the feeling of a cozy, welcoming haven, consider incorporating a “mountain chalet” design feel. While the rustic mountain chalet might seem like a thing of the past, you can bring it back to life in your home by evoking simplicity and austerity in your interiors. At TAB Associates, we’d like to call attention to some modern architectural projects that pull from the tradition of mountain homes of the past:

mountain chalet style
Source: TAB Associates
  • The Speculative Residence- Set in the mountains, this home is situated to take full advantage of the view. Going beyond the simple cabin style home, this reaches 5000 square feet.
  • TS Lot 42- taking some concepts of a more traditional mountain chalet home and expanding them, these townhomes are made from natural material to help them fit into their rustic environment.

Don’t be afraid to build out with your mountain chalet home, and include some more modern ideas like full glass walls. For more design ideas, follow our posts on Facebook.

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Outdoor Living: Most Popular Home Features by Survey

Summertime weather puts an emphasis on outdoor-living features. As you’ll probably be spending more time outdoors in the coming months, you’ll want to put some effort into getting your yard or patio area looking great for all of the extra attention. At TAB Associates, we’d like to offer some information on outdoor design features that are attracting the most attention going into the summer of 2014.

2014 Outdoor Home Features
Source: Tab Associates
  • Landscaping and gardens– Obviously, landscaping is always one of the most prominent features when it comes to the outdoor design of a home. As landscaping will be most likely to be closely scrutinized during the summer months, it’s important to shift your design focus to your outdoor space.
  • Lighting accessories– Lighting fixtures set the mood in your yard once the sun goes down, creating a relaxing place to hang out at night.
  • Decorative water features – Water features like ponds, fountains, and waterfalls are becoming increasingly popular, and they can be surprisingly easy to maintain.

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Trends In Architecture to Watch for In the Future

The world of architecture is constantly evolving, and keeping track of new developments helps you take the best out of the trends that come and go. What’s new for 2014? TAB Associates offers the following information on four architecture trends that are expected to become prominent as the year progresses.

TAB Associates Green Projects
Source: TAB Associates
  • Greater attention from the public regarding large-scale construction projects- Members of the public are increasingly likely to take an active role in managing and deciding on large scale building projects that have a strong impact on the urban landscape and local economy.
  • Off-the-grid on the urban scene– Although going “off-the-grid” used to be associated with living out of town, even urban dwellers are attempting to avoid a dependence on the grid for power.
  • De-emphasizing vehicle traffic– Across the country, more and more commuters try to get where they need to be via public transport.
  • Affordable low-rise and mid-rise housing– Instead of towering high-rise residential structures, urban dwellers increasingly prefer approachable, low/mid-rise housing.

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