Advantages of Building Your New Home

Advantages of Building Your New Home
Building your own home gives you control of the project’s look and functionality. Source: TAB

When it comes to the choice of a resale, or building a new home, there are many benefits that come along with building a home to your liking. Although resale has its conveniences, nothing is quite like having a dream home built just for you and your family.

Here are the advantages of building a new home over a resale:

  • Customization. You can build a dream home with things the way you want them, rather than try to find a pre-made home that fits your needs and wants.
  • Lower maintenance. New homes, custom built, are designed with materials and engineering designs that need far less maintenance than you might find with a resale. This can be from not having to paint an exterior, to ensuring the roofing is done with low-maintenance in mind.
  • Avoid resale repairs. Having a newly built house will help you avoid potentially costly repairs over having an older home.

When you consider the benefits of building a home from the ground up, one must often weigh whether or not to purchase a resale. Get what you want from your property, and build your dream home with the help from TAB Associates, Inc.


Home Additions That Pay Off the Most

Home Additions That Pay Off the Most
Source: TAB Associates

There are many different ways to add value to your home, but sometimes, it’s hard to sort through just which home additions will add the most equity. If you’re sorting through your options, here are a few pieces of advice from the experts on which improvements will pay off the most:

  • The kitchen may be the easiest room in the house to upgrade in terms of new appliances, wallpaper, paint, and flooring, and it pays off a great deal. Most people consider the kitchen to be the life of the house, so it’s a perfect place to start upgrading.
  • New additions are also a great value to include. That can be anything from converting the basement into a rec room, to building a new den. An extra bathroom, done well and completely, can just about pay for itself.
  • A brand new deck not only adds square footage to your home. It also adds an extra area that many people can enjoy, and it adds a great deal of value to your home.

Choose the ways to add value to your home that are the most cost-effective and painless, and reap the benefits of a good payoff when you’re ready to sell your property.

Vail Neighborhood Spotlight: Beaver Creek

Vail Neighborhood Spotlight: Beaver Creek
Beaver Creek is a gated resort in the Vail that offers residents a safe place to call home.

Choosing from the many Vail neighborhoods can be a difficult task for anyone new to the area. However, we believe there’s no place that is quite like Beaver Creek. It’s one of the area’s favorite communities and a site to be seen by all visiting the Vail.

The motto for Beaver Creek is, ‘Not Quite Roughing It,’ and it’s exactly that. The area is host to a variety of year-round activities, from mountain hiking in the summer to skiing in winter. Perhaps the most appealing to new residents is the fact that this gated community allows for children to run around unimpeded in the fresh air and sunshine. Or, perhaps it’s the beautifully designed properties and homes that dot the landscape.

Beaver Creek is a resort, not just for tourists, but for residents, and even a brief visit to the Ritz-Carlton or Park Hyatt makes it easy to see why.

If you’ve been considering a home in Beaver Creek, TAB Associates can custom-design it for you. From luxury homes in Beaver Creek, or any of the other Vail neighborhoods, we will work hard to bring you exactly what you want.

Image courtesy of TAB Associates

Modern Trends in Mountain Homes: Home Position


Modern Trends in Mountain Homes: Home Position
Positioning of a home can determine the amount of openness and light of the household.

TAB Associates has its finger on the pulse of mountain home trends. People are increasingly dissatisfied with the classic and claustrophobic ‘boxy room’ set up, and are looking for more creative, open spaces to utilize throughout the house.

One of the advantages of building a custom home in Colorado is that there is gorgeous scenery and abundant sunshine year round. This makes for open floor plans, which are already trending, more sensible for the Colorado home. One way to keep this space open is by combining a ‘total living area’ — an open floor plan that utilizes dining and living in one, then opens up to the kitchen.

The kitchen is the “heart” of the home. Big windows and other pieces finish off the design perfectly, allowing a great deal of light in, as well as the feel of ‘being in nature.’  We provide the windows and God provides the ‘art’.

When it comes to knowing mountain home trends, and how to customize a home to keep clients happy, TAB Associates has the experience and expertise to create a home that’s not only trendy but long-lasting and beautiful.

Modern Trends: Open Floor Plans in Mountain Home Design

Chen 3 Timber Springs Bunk House will utilize a variety of styles on the way to becoming a dream log house.
Chen 3 Timber Springs Bunk House will utilize a variety of styles on the way to becoming a dream log house.

One of the best recent trends for building mountain homes is going with the homeowners’ likes and dislikes and individual preferences. Of course, with all the choices one has with architectural design, it can get overwhelming on just what to choose for dream log homes. Though, one steadfast trend we’ve noticed in log homes that should likely never get old is the use of wide open space.

Maximizing sun exposure with seamless transitions from outdoors to indoors leaves residents with a feeling of elegance and serenity all rolled into one simple and beautiful home project. If the space is used correctly, through consultation with your architect, the square footage doesn’t have to be enormous in order to get the open space look and feel.

Quality of space is often more preferable to quantity of space. The elegance provided lacks the stuffiness of formal dining and living areas, but still retains its grand stature and openness.

Our current project, Chen 3 Timber Springs, utilizes this philosophy of open spaces that are efficiently used, with quality outweighing quantity. If you are interested in learning more about how TAB Associates can make your dream mountain home become a reality, call us at 970.766.1470.

Image via Flickr

Get to Know the Neighborhoods in Vail, Colorado

Get to Know the Neighborhoods in Vail, Colorado
Vail is a neighborhood with a nice mixture of residential living and fun places to go shopping.

Vail neighborhoods are diverse and unique, and the area is one of the nicest places to live in Colorado for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is the beautiful neighborhoods. There are fourteen different Vail neighborhoods to choose from, and for those who want something a little different with their architecture, there’s really one place that’s super trendy right now: Edwards and Lake Creek.

This area is the fastest-growing neighborhood in Vail. And with a warm family atmosphere, it’s a very attractive place where locals are relocating. It’s ideal for both commercial and residential building projects, and the neighborhood sports some of the very best restaurants in the Valley.

The Riverwalk in Edwards cannot be beat for commercial properties and building. Unique boutiques, shops and markets are all the rage for those who love to indulge in retail therapy. This whole area is ready for even more growth, and architectural planning is prime for the Edwards and Lake Creek area.

If you’ve been considering a residential or commercial project for a great neighborhood, TAB Associates can help you find exactly the right fit for your needs, no matter what area!

Fine Artist Spotlight: Nancy Cawdrey

Fine Artist Spotlight: Nancy Cawdrey
Nancy Cawdrey is popular known for her artistic works featuring the American West.

The spirit of the American West is alive and well today, embodied in the work of American artists such as the fine artist Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey.

Cawdrey brings a great deal of life into her work, dealing with all kinds of media — oils, acrylics, silk, watercolors, pastels, and mixed media — within her scope. Her most popular works include her western and western landscape pieces, done in vivid detail that makes each piece come alive to the viewer.

Currently, Nancy’s favorite media is dye on silk, as it brings out the richest colors, and her theme is Painting The West On Silk. Her love of creating fine art started 35 years ago, and her love of the West began 22 years ago with her move to Bigfork on Fox Creek Slough near Flathead Lake in Montana. She often visits the Southwest, as well, to inspire her work, and paints on-site rather than from memory.

TAB Associates has a great appreciation for American artists whose work embodies the spirit of the American West, and we believe that Cawdrey is one of the finest artists to represent that embodiment.